Posted by : Jasmine Cornejo June 07, 2013

Just a few hours ago MBLAQ released their new music video Smoky Girl with a new style that MBLAQ has never used. The song was a collaborative song composed by ZionT., Primary and Simon D. If you have not watched the music video, please check it out below.

Before I start, I just would like to say I am happy to know my babies are back to making music and although it was a highly-anticipated comeback, I thank J tune Entertainment for bringing my little men back. 


The Song 
The song was basically. everywhere in the beginning.
The words just didn't match the song and I thought it was disappointing because it was like it didn't know where to begin. Also, this song feels like it'll get old after a while. Some parts were okay such as the chorus "She was a smokey girl, girl girl"  however, the beat and the words did not connect as much as I wanted it to. Not to mention, I really thought Mir's rap was just thrown into song to make him have a part in it. And to top it all, I think they could have done a better song structure if it was that much a collaborative work.

Nevertheless, I thought this song was a smooth and clean but, still (sorry my MBabies) this was a huge let down. 

The video
I thought the video was pretty decent and cool. It was something MBLAQ has never tried before in their previous videos. I like the whole concept change from grey and dreary to neon colors and rainbows. Even though there was not much action, I was astonished by how well the video was shot and the change of colors. Also, the neon colors made their hair stick out really well. 

In addition, I really thought Lee Joon looked so fine with his sixties look. I could not take my eyes off of him. 

The Dance
The dance was really slick and clean. In fact, I want to learn the dance to Smoky Girl after watching the video and seeing them move so sexy. 

To Sum it all Up
Though my hopes were high for MBLAQ, I have to say, it was a disappointment for me. I thought the video was very good but song overall just needs some more work. This was the very first time I have ever disliked any one of MBLAQ's comebacks. Nonetheless, if you love bright colors and energy, then you might enjoy Smoky Girl very much. 

What do you think of MBLAQ's Smoky Girl? Comment below!

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  1. Really?? I thought the song was awesome! Zion T's unique voice adds so much flavor to it. But because of so much autotune, I'm worried for their LIVE performance.

  2. Exactly. Though I'm not the poster of this article, this song was a bit of a disappointment... I wish they released something a bit better, especially now with the fact that nowadays, most K-Pop songs are starting to disappoint rather than meet expectation.

  3. Last year I had a chance to support them at music bank, so I was giddy for their next comeback. Finally, the day has come. When they first release photo teaser, I started to worry if they'll make it. Then,I saw MV teaser and my worry has worsen. And the moment my friend showed me the real MV, worry has turned into disappointment. The song doesn't live up to my expectation. *sigh*


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