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Just a few days ago, Girls' Generation members Tiffany, Taeyeon and Sunny flew to Los Angeles, California to once again (well, at least for Tiffany) meet with the LA Dodgers however, this time, adding two performances of both the Korean national anthem (performed by Taeyeon) and the American national anthem (sung by Tiffany) and of course, a Korean-styled pitch from Sunny being that Tiffany and Jessica's past pitches obviously weren't worthy of a second chance. Haven't watched the videos yet? 

Here's Sunny's pitch which didn't fail (to save time, just skip to 0:30):

And here's Taeyeon and Tiffany's national anthems:

Tiffany: Sunny's pitch was alright, but let's get onto the real business. First off, who made Tiffany perform after Taeyeon in the first place? Never a good decision. Taeyeon nailed her performance, if I do say so myself, pulling it off almost flawlessly as usual... but Tiffany on the other hand? Not so much. I'm not saying it was horrifying, but of course, she could've done much better--you and I both know it. She went off-key maybe every five to ten seconds and likewise, at the end she went off again just when I thought she was going to redeem herself and then tried to do this Mariah Carey-esque bit which kind of sounded... eh. All-in-all, though most people are coming up with excuses that her mess-ups were due to nervousness, she's performed in front of audiences bigger than these, has performed in America and has performed at different sporting events throughout her career... a lot of performing yet it not really adding up. Likewise, others are claiming that it was her nodules in which she even said got treated years ago, however I say, it's just Tiffany's singing being Tiffany's singing. This is not really that new for Tiffany's vocal covers, English or not, and to be honest, it's not all that shocking that she went off-key because I am a Tiffany bias, engross my time into watching Tiffany videos and have seen (more like heard) it a lot... I'm just not delusional and am able to say facts outright. If I had to rate her performance out of ten, I'd give her a ten for effort but like a five for the overall product because she's been doing this for years and years... six years post-debut and nearly four years prior to debut... ten years leaves not that much room for excuses, anymore, guys.

Andi: It's true that Taeyeon's performance was killer and Tiffany didn't quite reach that same level when singing the American Anthem. Unfortunately, with instances like these, it's customary to have the foreign party present their anthem first, then the American Anthem follows. This makes things a little awkward because Taeyeon obviously can't perform the American Anthem, thus she's stuck as the first singer, leaving Tiffany to sound rather dull compared to her. I wouldn't say Tiffany was exactly terrible but when singing the American Anthem, expectations are impossibly high and if you crack even one note (which she did), those eyes are glaring at you like you are Satan spawn sent to ruin everything they consider holy. 

Now onto Sunny's pitch. You could taste the awkwardness of that situation. It was almost as if she knew she would throw the flimsiest pitch the world has ever seen. Even afterwards, she kind of walks off in embarrassment. A lot of Korean stars are offered to throw the first pitch for many baseball games (don't ask me why) and most of them are downright terrible. One of the only ones that are notable (which blew up on the internet almost instantaneously) was gymnast Shin Soo Ji's first pitch, which was amazing. She should fly to America and show the girls how it's done.
Anyone who tries to tell me this pitch is not amazing is wrong.

Saskia: Even though I'm not really a fan of those girls, SNSD in general, Taeyeon's performance blew me away! I never listened to any Girl's Generation songs beside 'I Got a Boy' and well, they all sound okay-ish in my opinion, but too hear Taeyeon singing this song.. just amazing! Tiffany though.. it seemed like she tried to hard. Her voice sounded nice (even if it cracked at one point!), but one can't compare it to Taeyeon's performance.
What's there to say about Sunny's pitch? It was cute and gave me good laugh. She seemed really awkward throwing the ball, though.

Jeana: Just like everyone else, I'd have to say that Taeyeon's performance was truly stunning. Her voice was melodious, beautiful and extremely uplifting, filling up the whole sports stadium like an angel's voice above the crowds. In terms of the techniques, she was brilliant as well - notes were all spot-on and vibratos done perfectly. Tiffany was evidently less confident than Taeyeon in the way she carried herself. Though she clearly lacked control over her voice (struggling with the high notes - in addition to the fact that she has a low voice range - and going off pitch at several moments), her voice was still rich and soulful. Nonetheless, she should have worked much more on her vocal techniques prior to the performance, given that she is, after all, singing America's national anthem, in which is woven the national pride of 313.9 million people. 

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  1. Trust me - nobody attending that game cared about Tiffany's performance being less-than-perfect. National anthems at regular season baseball games are usually sung by someone with little fame or talent. This was an upgrade from the typical performance no matter what.

  2. uh...probably true but the fact is that this isn't necessarily about the people attending the game's opinions, tbh. And even then, it's hard to know if most of those people are either baseball lovers or SONEs who're used to mess-ups and Tiffany's singing.
    Also, this is a personal POV but I went to a baseball game before (gosh, I wish I would never speak of it again...boring as fuck) and even though I didn't know the person who sang, the singing was at least decent and I remember she even danced with the mascot afterwards!


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