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Almost every single week there's a new girl group debuting or coming back with a music video where they either shake their crotch, wear very short clothing accompanied by skyscraper heels or talk about how much they want to get kissed (which is simply a cover-up... we all know they want more than that) which just further drifts K-Pop towards the sexual direction. However, although most people try to defend the new trend of having racy and overly sexual concepts by saying that they push 'feminism' and that many of the girl groups who do it are simply expressing their sexuality, I want to go towards the unpopular opinion that these concepts and songs aren't truly pushing feminism and are leaning more against it, just giving men another reason to treat women as if they're sex toys and of course, not making the misogynistic country any less-misogynistic.

Miss A is the perfect example of a group that shoots for feminism without having to expose way too much skin or sing about how much they want sex. With their last comeback promotional track, I Don't Need a Man, not only did the group basically show 'hey, women can be both independent and have a good future ahead of them' but they also subtly exhibit their own sexuality and want to be viewed as more tough and strong despite the male-dominated society they are living in. Two other great examples of groups that approach feminism in a way that doesn't involve racy concepts would probably have to be the strongest and among the most popular girl groups in the business, Brown Eyed Girls and 2NE1. Regardless of the abhorrence exhibited for 2NE1 everywhere, we can all agree that their 'bad' and 'tough' image actually does shoot for a more woman empowering feel... and of course, Brown Eyed Girls' title tracks exhibit so much resistance towards male-over-female customs that they even admitted that people were scared to approach the four mature women in the waiting room due to their 'scary' and 'tough' image.

So why do girl groups have to lean towards ass-popping, tit-groping and booty-shaking concepts when they could seriously do so much more? Although you could argue that the group members don't have much say in what they do, I'm truly targeting the companies. They have a voice and they probably do realize that there's two sides of the feminism coin... one being a bit repugnant and distasteful while the other having much more meaning, a stronger grip on the audience and of course, resulting praise. But why don't they do it? I know, I know... sex sells... but 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls and Miss A sell, as well.
All-in-all, there are different ways to flaunt and showcase sexuality for women and though it's somewhat unfair that if men have the ability to rip off their shirt in public whereas women are called cheap and harlots, its backlash could be avoided with smaller steps towards the concept rather than huge, leopard leaps. I feel like if instead of trying to market sex so quickly and then saying that it's a great, efficient way to control the male-dominated society (which in my opinion, it isn't--it just gives men another reason to think of women as objects), maybe, they could attempt a sexy yet tough concept similar to that of the three female groups stated above, one with more meaning and less of a reason for people to spam 'slut!' on the Youtube comments... because really, that just seems like the best way to go.

What do you think of the 'feminism' approach as well as the sexy and racy concepts? Comment below!

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  1. I really couldn't care less about what Korean people think when it comes to what female k-pop stars wear. I just want to see then dance around in skimpy clothing and show off what little goods that they have.

  2. It really pisses me off when people complain saying things like , they're sluts, and that they shouldn't be dressing like that. When women see a guy rip his shirt off and walk half naked on stage do you complain, hell no. Do you think us guys like watching topless men, NO we don't its annoying!! we just don't care enough to comment, but with women they always feel like they should say something negative. If you don't like it, then don't watch it!! Why watch it and waste your time bitching!! Furthermore if you think the most sexual kpop videos even come close to what you see on American or any other television you're on Crack.
    Most men don't see women as objects as you say. If you think that way I think it's more of a problem of women perceiving them selfs that way. The way women see a hot guy in stage is the same way Men see a Beautiful woman on stage. In today's world women are not weak anymore so I don't know why people can be so backward thinking.

  3. To be honest, I think you implied I said things I didn't even say o.O...
    in fact, I'm almost 100% sure you're basing what you said off of your anger for what other people say.

    "if you think the most sexual kpop videos even come close to what you see on American or any other television you're on Crack."
    ^ wut.

  4. No this wasn't directed at you, it was more out if anger at the idiots who call some girl groups sluts and other obscene words.

  5. Oh, okay because I was like I DIDN'T SAY ANY OF THAT!!

  6. In Girl's Day's 'Female President', Minah and Hyeri are lesbians who want to make out with each other - what is more feminist than that? That's the REAL version of "I don't need a man".

    But seriously... Brown Eyed Girls' signature music video 'Abracadabra' is a lot sexier and racier than any of the recent girl group comebacks. I guess the fact that they murder a guy in the video (before making out with each other) makes it 'feminist'.

    Girl's Day just needs to torture and kill a guy in their next video. That should get them some feminist street-cred.

  7. What I had more in mind with Brown Eyed Girls was their most recent songs Sixth Sense, Recipe and now Kill Bill.

    tbqh, I think the point was missed, too. Girls don't have to sing about how much they want oppar to kiss them (or they want to kiss oppar) and instead, could substitute it for whatever the 3 groups do.

  8. I got your point. But I don't think Girl's Day or Dal Shabet were really trying to be feminist.

    The supposed "female empowerment" lyrics were just a weak cover for music videos that were designed to please their male-dominated fanbases (not that anyone really bought it, anyways).

    Ga-In and BEG get a pass on the sexy stuff (as do Lee Hyori and some other acts) probably because they are already seen as strong female personalities - women that don't take any shit from men.

    But I do think it would do Girl's Day some good to kill at least one dude in their next video. They need to reconcile all that over-the-top aegyo they did in the past.

  9. True in everything.

    'But I do think it would do Girl's Day some good to kill at least one dude in their next video. They need to reconcile all that over-the-top aegyo they did in the past.'

    I honestly would enjoy that.

  10. Your idea isn't unpopular! I agree with you. South Korea has the WORST case of gender inequality in the world (at least for income). This clearly plays out in the K-Pop industry where double standards are so reinforced against women.


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