Posted by : Anonymous July 29, 2013

Confession of Murder - 내가 살인범이다

Basically the movie is: 10 woman who get murdered and then 15 years later some dude writes a book about himself being the killer. And because he’s a good-looking and attractive guy, a lot of people like him and don’t want him imprisoned for such a crime... however, a small group of people want him to get the 'ultimate punishment' (i.e. death) however PLOT TWIST! Suddenly, another old dude appears and claims he’s the actually killer of the ten women…
The genre of the movie says action, thriller and psychological, however even though psychological is my all-time favorite genre, the movie was... okay...ish. It wasn't bad, but to be honest, while I was watching it I wanted to stop so many times. It lacked that special... something /:.
The only thing I did like about the movie was the plot twist around the last 30 minutes. I mean, I kinda knew ‘it’ from the beginning, but it still surprised me :p

I give the movie 2 out of 5 stars.
CLICK HERE and give it a shot :D

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