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It's not rocket science to write a rant about how much you hate stylists or slave contracts.
It's not rocket science to write a review of your favorite group's newest song or the newest Running Man episode.
And it's not rocket science to know that you definitely want to write for us because we're simple fucktastic.
K-Pop Ranter is doing their second ever round of hiring, us, looking for 1-2 more writers to develop interesting commentary and state their side of current news. 

      You have to be fluent in English. 
      You have to be able to write articles frequently. No, not every single day however, at least once every two to three weeks is good enough.

If you're interested, e-mail with a subject entitled "K-Pop Ranter Application" with:

1. A sample of your writing which is preferred to be roughly around or more than 500 words (don't shit your pants if it's like 498). Contrary to the common belief, we're looking for quality more than quantity, so please, don't waste time and just give us quality! 
2. What type of writing you'd like to cover most frequently. Would you typically do reviews of dramas and movies? Say that! Would you enjoy covering Korean societal issues and add to our scarce off-topic section? Do that! Or, are you undecided and want to write about anything and everything. Say "writer"! There's no limits. P.S. You can choose to be more than one (ex. I want to be a reviewer and a ranter!)
3. If you have any writing experience, tell us! You don't need writing experience but it's just great to know.

So apply because you love us! We'll be accepting this hiring round applications until July 18th 9PM EST (we're always looking for writers but we have to put a deadline for this hiring round!) so get moving. Good luck to all applicants!
P.S. If you're not looking for a long-time writer position and instead, just the time-to-time guest writer position, we're still looking for that so apply with the same e-mail format above and filling in "Guest Writer" for number 3.

G-Dragon wants you to apply.

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