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Whether you're a fan of boy groups or not, this song is definitely addicting. What I like about it most is that it's not one of the common love or heartbreak songs and instead, digs into the roots of the group Bangtan Boys with the song meaning... some of the members even rewriting the lyrics themselves. All in all, great track and I definitely suggest giving it at least one listen (unless you're a priss and are scared of cuss words).

Next on the list is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's OST BYE for movie, Mr. Go. The sweet sound of Taeyeon's vocals accompanied by the slowness of the backtrack simply just caresses and completes the song... in fact, this OST actually makes me want to watch the movie! If you're a fan of ballads or just a fan of Taeyeon, BYE is most definitely the song for you.

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  1. That Taeyeon 'Mr. Go' OST video is a bit misleading. It's actually a movie about a baseball-playing gorilla. Looks corny as hell:

  2. Is it bad that I laughed XD? It actually is! I wouldn't watch the movie of course but the song sounds decent!


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