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So the creator of this fucktastic blog, the Juice Judge, proposed to be a collaboration between both of our blogs which was later named Chatventure Time... since it's a chat, an adventure.. and well, it takes up a lot of our time. Filled with our non-drunken but seemingly drunken ramblings, we discussed and answered random questions based on mostly our own experiences. (check out the Juice Judge unless you want to be hanged, 'kay?)

Will: Question 1 - What makes kpop interesting to you/as a genre?

KpopRanter: what makes kpop interesting like..

KpopRanter: currently or

KpopRanter: what got you into it?

KpopRanter: because thats different

Will: what you like about it? why you like it?

KpopRanter: ah ok

KpopRanter: To be honest, I don't really know as of this point. I think what makes me still into K-Pop is that I've dedicated so much time to it, went against my peers and my parents for like the first time ever just to listen to it (they were kind of opposed to it--not the music 100% but truly cause I was doing it like 24/7) and all that other stuff. I think what's somewhat interesting I guess it that the idols are really pretty so they make me want to live up to them (especiallyTiffany in Twinkle, I think I turned lesbian for a second there) as well as the somewhat catchy songs that they release (or they used to release at least). All in all, I think it's a really boring genre to be honest but the fascination is kind of that I have a small following of people to relate to and not everyone where I live really knows about it so it's more of  my little guilty pleasure than anything.

Will: I got into kpop back a couple years ago when I really musically really impressionable. I had listened to some pop as a kid and later really got into opera/ classical music which is kinda odd for an 8th grader. As I came out of that phase, I got into American pop again but then I discovered kpop. It was more or less forced upon me but I never really saw it so much as a different genre or something unique, I just saw it as a different country's pop music that happened to have dancing with it. I had by chance learned to read korean before I had ever heard of kpop so I think that also opened it up in terms of accesibility. I think kpop is interesting now because it really spans genres and incorporates performance aspects in ways 90's pop never did.

Will: Question 2: What makes kpop interesting as a genre?

(it's a different question, guise)

KpopRanter: What makes it interesting is, as mentioned before, most people don't listen to it. In fact, when I find people in the region I live who know about it, it's like a secret alliance we have and an immediate friendship regardless of if they're SM stans, YG stans, JYP stans or just like one or two groups. I think the genre itself isn't so interesting other than the fact that they dance (I lost a bunch of weight from them, thanks!) and they have catchy songs... the real hooking thing is the fact that you're like in a 'first come, first serve' zone and you found out about it first, I guess?

Will: I think kpop as a genre is interesting because it definitely found its roots in American pop and rap but has since diverged to some extent. Right now, I find the genre interesting because it encompasses so many styles and sounds. Every other genre has defined sounds and themes. Rap has a strong reliance on rhythm, pop on mainstream synths and basic structures, etc. Kpop really can span the gambit from rap to pop to almost dubstep to ballads, and can incorporate outside sounds like strings, electric guitars, cowbell, and other sounds not frequently found in other pop music

KpopRanter: Question: What do you think of kpop and body image?

Will: ummmm As a guy, I don't personally feel the pressures of the whole kpop perfectionist image as much as I think girls would. I can usually shrug it off as the guys are using make up to look good which most males never do  so its kinda hard to judge from a male perspective. but as far as females, I think they set an unattainable ideal that really is detrimental to society's ideas of beauty and what a girl should look like Whenever I see SNSD, for example, I'm always a bit repulsed just looking at their arms and legs. They look like twigs.

 KpopRanter: Well, as I type this with my Cinnamon Toast Crunch mixed with Sunchips beside me (both barely over 100 calories) I think that I can't really add on to much of what you said, to be honest cause it's true. When I see people like Girls' Generation (save Sooyoungand Yoona, they're too skinny it's bleh) I start to look at myself and think why my body can't be like theirs? Though I'm actually pretty healthy by standards and whenever I tell a friend that I want to go on a diet, they exclaim "You're too skinny! Why?!" I still can't become satisfied with my body because well... there's always a Goo Hara or a Sooyoung in South Korea who aren't even allowed to get their blood drawn (Taeyeon) due to them being so underweight while I'm not that bad. Because of K-Pop, I started watching more of what I eat and what I do (I literally exercise every single day--2 miles on the treadmill, oh wow, I'm so bad ass-- and if I don't plan to exercise, I plan to cut down my daily calorie intake by at least 300) so yeah, K-Pop plays a huge role in body image for me as a female and probably for about 95% of K-Pop lovers out there. In fact, from the Confessions of a Native Korean post, I talk to the girl a lot and I can tell that she feels the weight of body image because of not only K-Pop but the society and as mentioned, she said people get stuff like plastic surgery to mimic idols (not asking things like "I want a smaller, more pointed nose but however asking "I want a nose like Tiffany!) and really, it's just a mess.

KpopRanter: OH WAIT. and even now, some male idols are creeping up on our weight so I actually feel more pressured to lose weight since they're so small. Like for example Xiuminrecently revealed he's not even 60kg... like what?

Will: Wow I tried working out once

Will: once...

KpopRanter: LOLOLOLOL tbh its not that bad when u get used to it?

Will: From what I heard, Korea is such an image based society that I think that if people over here can feel the pressure from them, the pressure for people inside of korea to meet these standards must be unbearable

Will: Question: What do you think of kpop's climate right now? (Mobility of groups on the tier list, song/musical quality, etc.)

Will: I personally think that the quality being produced buy upper tier groups has been slacking of late. With the current trend of the mishmash songs, I feel like the genre is still recovering. On the bright side all of the good songs that were produced went to the lower tier groups. I think this has made way for a lot more mobility for kpop groups. Since the really popular groups' material has been meh and they also only do about 1 promotional cycle a year, it has opened up for rookies and less experienced groups to take the spotlight. For example a couple years ago, the most successful rookie groups were Dal Shabet, 5 dollsBrave Girls, etc. but in the past 2 or so years, we have seen Sistar explode, Ailee come to the forefront of the genre, Exo become super popular, and Lee Hi destroy the charts. Additionally, groups likeVixx and Ladies' Code have been able to sky rocket the charts with (usually) great songs. *cough cough "Hate You" should never have been released cough cough*

KpopRanter: The climate right now is really bad. I think it should be a fact that without foreign audience, K-Pop wouldn't be like it is right now. I feel like the tier list of companies could change at any minute, SM is really going all in but as I said in a previous post, I feel as if they're only planning for now and not looking at the future for securing their spot and JYP is at a down fall. YG, I don't really know as of now since 2013 didn't really have Big Bang (save Seungri) so I can't judge till the supposed November comeback. However, the quality of songs is lessening since they know they have the fans on a string and smaller groups like GLAM are gaining more of my interest, to be honest. Without the next generation of idols inhabiting the K-Pop zone (YG is taking forever with theirs), EXO is getting more popular but more hated cause of sasaengs and JYP is well... must I explain? in a manner as was inhabited back then when K-Pop first started it's climb to their current day striving pont, they're done for within the next five years--the Hallyu Wave isn't getting younger nor the old idols... and if they're not going to replace the older generation with new, they're wasting their own time.

Will: If I had to take bets, I would say that the hallyu wave will begin to lose some of its hold and we will start to see a lot more prominence from smaller agencies. YG and JYP are almost one trick ponies now and SM has thrown Super Junior under a truck

Initiate drunken ramblings!:
Will: Just out of interest, whats your favorite agency/company?

KpopRanter: YG

KpopRanter: then JYP

KpopRanter: you?

Will: dont laugh

Will: CCM....

KpopRanter: omg

KpopRanter: i laughed omg


KpopRanter: no offense but

KpopRanter: can i ask why

 Will: I am a die hard davichi and seeya fan

KpopRanter: oh

KpopRanter: ok

KpopRanter: i see

KpopRanter: OKAY

Will: and co-ed was so bad but sooooooo gooodddddddddd

Will: I cant stand SM

Will: YG i think are pretty hit or miss. Never got into 2NE1 or Big Bang but they have some good songs.

Will: JYP is also hit or miss. Everything from them ends up sounding the same

KpopRanter: ah the see ya is talented

KpopRanter: omg

KpopRanter: co-ed

KpopRanter: why did they--

KpopRanter: like why

KpopRanter: that was the shit

KpopRanter: i hate sm, too tbh omg eveeryone loves sm

KpopRanter: i understand the song thing about YG

KpopRanter: i cant stand big bang's tonight, it's shit

KpopRanter: 2ne1's i love you is shit

KpopRanter: jyp i like most of their songs

Will: Co-ed was actually my favorite group when I first got into kpop

KpopRanter: but their artists are asldkcjawoerijqwer

 Will: I love you is my favorite song by 2NE1

KpopRanter: OMG WHY

Will: I always feel that the only ones that can pull off the fierce concept is CL and Minzy. And i have an unexplainable love for bad music sometimes

 KpopRanter: true lol

KpopRanter: mostly cl though cause w/o cl the stage is lame D<

Will: In terms of SM, I think Genie was the only really good song SNSD ever did and I cant stand 99% of super juniors songs

KpopRanter: OMG

KpopRanter: YES

KpopRanter: I AGREE

KpopRanter: 100%

KpopRanter: LIKE

KpopRanter: the album songs arent great unless its like fx

KpopRanter: but then omg the title songs are asdbosasdbaodasodao now

KpopRanter: other than growl and like idek tbh.

Will: DONT GET ME STARTED ON EXO.  Ive only listened to their lead singles but I just feel like its another sm clone with crappy songs that SM is just trying to build up so they will have another cash cow once all their current artists are wrinkling.  and they look like they are 13...

KpopRanter: LOOLL

KpopRanter: OMG IKR OMG

KpopRanter: so true OTL

KpopRanter: and i dont find them attractive tbh

KpopRanter: other than tao cause he looks the oldest i guess(?)

Will: haha

KpopRanter: i dont even know all their names omg its a waste of time but its getting sm cash so

Will: I dont know any of their names O.o

Will: I am really liking lower tier groups right now: because they are getting all of the good songs that the higher tier groups arent taking

Will: EXID's "Every Night" is the shit, Ze:a's "The Ghost of Wind" is amazing, anything Nine Muses is pretty kick ass

KpopRanter: omg ikrrr YES and i like GLAM. glam has good stuff

Will: never heard their stuff :/

KpopRanter: ieohaoseihasoehaseoase

KpopRanter: ok we're done talking

KpopRanter: bye

KpopRanter: no jk but

KpopRanter: in front of the mirror is good and i like that is weird but good i guess.

Will: Vixx is pretty great as well and I dont know why but I get a bit obsessed with Raniawhenever they put out a new song. like Style was good, Just Go was intensely addictive, andKiller is the best song anyone ever made evar. And Jooyi's voice is unrivaled (except for davichi)

KpopRanter: Killer? oh i never heard of that lmaoooo idek the names but yeah rania is the awesomeness tbh

Will: Meh Jooyi is the only one you need to know

Will: shes the one that looks like angry guy from Vixx

KpopRanter: LMAO Ravi?

Will: Is he the rapper? Angry guy is the one who always gets the yelling parts in the songs To the internet!

Will: Leo. him. that guy. yes.

 KpopRanter: oh idek anyone but ravi so lmao but yeah vixx is good.

KpopRanter: whats their debut song i forgot

KpopRanter: uh wait.

KpopRanter: wait let me guess

KpopRanter: dont even. I watched it

Will: lol what?

KpopRanter: sorry wait

KpopRanter: uh

Will: im actually laughing

KpopRanter: LMAO

KpopRanter: WHY

KpopRanter: AT MY FAIL IN LIFE ;n;?

Will: that you were so adamant that i dont tell you

KpopRanter: hyde

Will: that wasnt the debut song XD

KpopRanter: dude -_- WHAT IS IT

 KpopRanter: OMG

Will: tbh I dont remember what the debut song was

KpopRanter: OMG

 KpopRanter: but

Will: Super hero or rock ur body idk

KpopRanter: i thought hyde was their debut. i didnt even know they existed before hyde??? wtf super hero waat

Will: I just remember seeing hyde right as it came out and that they had like 3 other songs already XD

KpopRanter: ohhh

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