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The idol life seems glamorous, doesn't it? Their always perfect hair, always perfect smile and always perfect-sized wallets simply filling up from fandom delusions that they in fact, are perfect. With having basically armies of people who'd be willing to sacrifice their lives for them, shave their heads just for a simple glance and without even knowing them, would be willing to empty their pockets and bank accounts simply to buy hundreds of their albums packed with filler tracks just because of what they see on a computer screen, occasionally, you have to admit that you feel a bit of jealousy towards the idol because of their fame and fortune. Likewise, with the oddity which is otherwise known as crazy fans, you also can't deny that you have tilted your head at least once and wondered 'what would life be like in their shoes?' curiosity getting to the best of you and your imagination actually straying to your perception of their world.

With that being said, if you could be any K-Pop idol for a day (just a day!), who would you be and why?

My obvious choice for a female (judging from the picture above) would have to be Girls' Generation's Yoona mostly because she's the face of the most popular female group in Korea and therefore (in my opinion) a prize to be seeing the world through her eyes. If I had to choose a male, I would be either anyone from EXO to see how crazy their sasaengs truly are, Jokwon/Key to see if they really are gay or SE7EN... for obvious, curious reasons.

Do you know who you'd be? Comment below and remember to write why!

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  1. OfficialKARALoverAugust 6, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    All KARA member ..24hrs/5...

    Goo HARA-One of the Most Beautiful and Hottest in Kpop..i want to know why she broke up with beast browsing her Phone..

    -Gyuri-One of the Most Unique Beauty in Kpop "Korean Standard". i want to read some of her diary if she's really that fierce ..

    -Nicole- Dorkies Girl in Kpop...Friendliest Girl in kpop ..i'll go to Army base right now and give some flowers to actor Yoo Seung show my LOVE...hehe

    -Jiyoung-yes one of the SEXIEST and Prettiest..Natural AEGYO w/o even trying in Kpop right now..talented too..
    -Seungyeon- One of the Hardworking .Cutest and talented girl in Kpop right now....i'll read her DIARY that she mention during interview ..

    that's what i want to do..if i have a chance ..

  2. I think I would chose to be GD. I want to see what its like to wear a skirt all day or no pants, as a guy, and not get constantly laughed at.

  3. I'd probably be Yura or Nana. I'd spend the day showering and getting myself really clean.

  4. I would love to be Taeyeon, to be able to sing with such a beautiful voice. <3


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