Posted by : Anonymous August 05, 2013

Roommates - 디데이

4 Horror Tales.
I wanted to watch all 4, but after I saw this one (which is the 3rd by the way), I couldn't bring myself to watch the other 3.
The movie takes place in a school (woah.. so unexpected.. -.-) and the students there study day in and day out to for their college entrance exam. The main characters are four girls and they are as different as night and day. The most rebellious of the four starts to have visions about things that happened quite some time ago in this school and in the end everything replays itself. 
To be honest, since almost every Korean horror movie is about some students being in school and all that jazz, I got bored easily. It’s not that the movie itself is bad, but the scenes are sometimes far too confusing and the ending was just... and to top that, nothing scared me--I mean, even Scary Movie scares the sh*t out of me! 
I don’t even remember anymore why I watched this in the first place, but I kinda regret to have wasted almost 2 hours of my precious time.. But to say at least one thing positive about the movie, the acting was pretty good. I liked the innocent girl with the glasses and the rebellious girl; they did a good job with their characters. 
A friend of mine watched the movie a few months back too, and she liked it. I guess, I wanted to tell you this because you should try and watch it, even if I didn't like it. Everyone’s taste is different and experiences things differently^^ 

1.5 out of 5 stars 
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  1. Try watching white, it's a scary korean movie a bout a girl group that gets popular by using a cursed song.
    The movie gave me legit Goosebumps

  2. Actually I thought that movie wasn't that scary. But I liked the story though.


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