Posted by : KimAngie August 09, 2013

You Rained on everyone's parade man.

The Ministry of Defense has finally come to their senses and admitted that they showered Rain with an unacceptable amount of undiminished favoritism. But is it for the best? Or are they fueling the fire? From my point of view, it's the second one-- well, at least my fire.

Not long ago, top stars Sangchu and SE7EN were caught visiting a massage parlor during their supposed duty. They not only left their post, but also removed their uniforms and were caught using their cellphones. Due to this, the Celebrity Soldier Unit in the ROK army has been confiscated. 

Hear that guys? That's the sound of almost every Korean celebrity meant to serve after you crying.
What did Rain do? After what seemed to be an eternity before he decided to man up and serve his country, he manages to screw his reputation in a snap of a finger (interested in learning more? You may read more about this case: here).

Which brings me to this conclusion: I get that he both brings income to the country and represents it (with him being excused from duty to attend the 60th Korean American Alliance in America), but what gives them the right to treat Rain all high and mighty as if the citizens that are forced to join the army at the peak of their years are being treated as petty?

Even after Rain screwed up so bad, after his discharge the MoND(Ministry of National Defense) then declared that Rain will not be receiving any disciplinary action. It wasn't until netizens and citizens teamed up and visibly made their opposing opinion change their action. Something that would get a regular soldier in army prison for a full term, Rain-- along with SE7EN, Sangchu and several other celebrity soldiers (LOOKING AT YOU LEETEUK)-- received a small 10 days sentence in prison jail. Wow. Wow.

After all of this, the MoD then admits that they basically kissed Rain's ass and if they thought that the confession would make me any less angry at them, they were completely wrong-- in fact, it only made me angrier. The fact that they're spoiling the hell out of Rain is one thing, but the fact that although they realize it-- they only do half of what was expected? I would have been satisfied with at least a month of army prison, but they only gave them 10 days. All those rules they broke... and they receive 10 days. I don't get what kind of country they're trying to run, babying a grown ass man who did nothing but portray a bad image in the army yet they send a citizen to army prison for a full term for kicking a junior in the butt.

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  1. YOU WRITE SO FAST, DAMN YOU I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH YOUR ARTICLES. I love all the writers here--you guys are fucktasticly fucktastic fuckers.

    ANYWAY, on a different note. Exactly! I can't even fathom as to why these people are so into kissing Rain and the other soldier's asses--I mean, is there any benefit to that? This whole scandal was a lose-lose situation, Rain and all those horny fuckers losing fans and the army losing credibility and respect... not to mention, those 10 days are like a time-out at most--nothing more.

  2. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 9, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    My utmost disappointment towards the MoD. Would it have hurt to demonstrate to the public that you're listening and given them stricter discipline? Just what are they trying to prove? That as long as you're famous, the rules that ought to be followed don't apply to you? Tch.

  3. 10 days seems like Yesterday and tomorrow to me.........

  4. but that's ok no matter what happen...

    Seven ..are now something can't be reformat.
    they are not young anymore..

    about rain..he can recover from this why?..
    Its really hard to analyze his popularity ..
    no one knows..if he release music now?..and he sold 200-300k? right?..because he's RAIN after all..

  5. "interesting note I would love to know the source please."

  6. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 9, 2013 at 9:01 PM

    Everything here is in my own words, now if you'd like to know where I gathered this information-- then that already been given.


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