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So... TASTY is joining SM's World Tour and INFINITE might, too.

If you weren't hiding under a bush for the past few weeks, you'd know that SM C&C (subsidiary of SM Entertainment) combined with WOOLLIM Entertainment to make a company called WOOLLIM Label. Only to put the nail in the coffin, it was recently confirmed that one of WOOLLIM's pride and joys, the TASTY Twins, will be performing at SM's World Tour... and WOOLLIM's biggest pride and joy, INFINITE? Yeah, they're currently discussing whether they should join, too and to be honest, it looks like they will. As expected -- there's worry. SM fans and WOOLLIM fans are shitting themselves, wondering why the world is so cruel and why the fuck they even signed in the first place and well… I can't blame 'em.

I am extremely curious as who's the savage brute who even came up with this stupid idea, merging INFINITE and TASTY fans (small coming) with a whole companies' fans (huge coming) and expecting rainbows when obviously, the company's idols probably have little to no experience with them and will be as cold with each other as Antartica in the winter.

Another thing I'd like to mention, why do these companies think it'll work out? On one hand, SM fans come for SM artists only and by the looks of it, aren't fond of this whole INFINITE-is-now-one-of-them business, either, therefore, would probably not cheer for them as much as other artists. On the other hand, INFINITE fans would go solely for INFINITE, wanting a bajillion songs from THEM playing and hours of THEIR seven favorite guys in the world. Why would anyone in the right mind go for like 10 minutes of them, lots of artists they don't care for and at most 3 of their tracks.

Is that--
Why the--
Am I--
What is this?

Now, I'm not a huge fan of either companies or groups strongly (though I'd take some of Dongwoo's ass) but seriously, this is just leading to disaster. Likewise, we all know SM kids are crazy as fuck so I really wouldn't be surprised if INFINITE got a black ocean because the fans were 'trying to send a message' through... right?

What do you think of the confirmed appearance of TASTY and currently in discussion appearance of INFINITE? Cringe-worthy or fuck that shit(you have no other options)? Voice your opinions below.

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  1. This whole merger is just SM trying to rule the world, I'm sure that SM simply bought the shares to woollim so they own them now. This is not some friendly, hey let's get together to help woollim artists be more recognized. This is SM getting woollim artists to lesson their competition and make more money for SM.
    All woollim artists are going to end up in that consert weather anyone likes it or not.

  2. I can already picture what how the seating arrangement is going to look like...

  3. Gut feeling says no. Don't play me a fool, guise, I've been in Kpop long enough to be jaded and cynical. I hope Jungyeop-nim holds out as long as he can for Infinite and Nell at least, because those two can hold their own; otherwise Tasty might need the exposure.

  4. Well, I am guessing that the merge meant that SM will help the distribution of "music" of the Woolim artists.. I mean, here in Bangkok, you can really find SM artists' cds, merchandises, everywhere.. Actually, if my guess is correct, it could really be a good thing for both sides.

  5. Abigail LuvsSungyeolSeptember 15, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    I am a Cassie,Shawol,and an E.L.F but if SM-fans so much as mutter an insult under their breath at Infinite I will not , i repeat not tolerate it.I am ready to bash all sm artists-fandoms even if it means giving up my sm babies(lol).

    That aside,like shannj_a said, it might be good. Yet like The Green Witch said, i hope Jungyeop-Ceo holds up because Infinite doesnt need publicity . They have a fandom more dedicated and huge than SHINee even.(Please dont bash me this is just what i think).And NELL has a strong base in the kpop industry , SM is just gonna screw them up. But TASTY needs exposure.My Twin babies need more fans.

    And i agree with Kc157489,SM is dominating.I just hope i can stay a Shawol,Cassie and E.L.F and ignore SM.And i pray youre wrong about all Woollim artists ending up at the concert.Jiae doesnt need to have any more oppas.AND INFINITE DOESNT NEED ANY MORE SUNBAES.

    Im sorry.


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