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Postponed to what seemed like infinity, YG Entertainment finally revealed the survival show we've all been waiting for, WIN (Who Is Next?... ooh suspense), will premiere on August 23rd. If you don't know WIN, it's simple: Two male teams (Team A with Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon, Team B with the twelve year old kid, B.I who appeared in MC Mong's Indian Boy music videoand other K-Pop Star contestant (note that SeungHoon was a contestant on K-Pop StarGoo Joon Hee.  will be battling it out and completing challenges, this show, ensuring quick debut for the winning team who'll later be called WINNER and guaranteeing either disbandment or postponing for the losing team who might as well be called Loser. Of course, shit is being aped all around the interweb people claiming this is bad, immoral and of course, un-YG family-like, wanting the show to never have happened due to the overall stress it'll cause the viewers and hopeful participants... however, taking the unpopular opinion as a girl psyched as fuck for their debut, I want to say that this is seriously not as bad as everyone is making it out to be--it's not a savage, brutal war and blood-filled competition, it's not the Hunger Games where they murder everyone and the last one standing is the winner and it's definitely not immoral or cruel because fuck, it's simply entertainment. 

"From Above" at dance practice
So I'm guessing no one watched that British show that had like only five episodes called Breaking From Above... right? Well for starters, it was basically the same, seven female hopefuls battled their way to victory of joining the final group five member group, From Above with nothing more than themselves to hold accountable--their brutal training having exercise that went on for hours, singing practice, dancing and the works... and in my opinion, it turned out fine (maybe cause I find pleasure in people 's misfortune). In fact, it turned out more than fine because it kept you at the edge of your seat, both learning the girls' personalities, seeing the brutality of their work and gaining sympathy as well as serving as a perfect marketing tactic to showcase the group to hungry viewers although we all knew that in the end, two people weren't going to make the cut. I find this show similar to that of YG's audition program because hell, you can't deny your ass is going to be watching that, popcorn equipped and volume turned up the loudest it can possibly go because it's interesting. Likewise, this show is simply a mixture of: 

1) brutal shows like K-Pop Star or Superstar K, because thousands audition, we cast a vote and we all know only one can become victorious in the end 
2) The shitty trainee life we all know and love (you can say you hate it but it produces your favorite idols so please, hush) 
3) Shows like Seventeen TV shows that rookies or upcoming artists appear on for people to see their personality and for the artists to gain numerous fans at such a young age. 

Ultimately, I feel as though the show can really create some interest for the upcoming group, especially the fact that viewers get to vote in and decide what meets their preferences so I'm really not conplaining. It's entertainment--not roses and rainbows--and therefore, brutality shouldn't be as taboo as others make it out to be, us, already knowing about the struggles behind closed doors and now getting a chance to see it... especially now that abs might be involved.

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