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With everything that's going on with Wondergirls (or rather, not going on with Wondergirls) JYP Entertainment has graced at least one of the members, Sunmi, with a solo debut, releasing the single titled 24시간이 모자라 (24 Hours). If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below.

The video: I've always enjoyed watching JYP music videos for one reason or another whether I liked the song or not, and this video is no exception. This is actually one of those types of music videos that you can tell with or without the lyrics what it's trying to portray, a rare trait in today's Kpop music videos. I first watched the video without captions and even then I was able to discern that the whole theme of the video is being in love with someone to the point of being obsessed and having it blind and corrupt you. She starts off in white when her love for her partner is still pure but as 24 hours begin to pass, her sets and clothing change to match the gradual corruption. The lights in the sets begin dimming and her scenes with her in the black and white striped one piece become more prevalent. Eventually near the end, when she's dancing with her partner, her outfit changes from white to completely black. Even her make up which had a more natural look at the beginning gradually changes to a darker more fiercer tone. And of course, every song that is time related must always have a clock that holds some kind of significance. The video shows 24 hours passing as she is slowly enveloped by the entire essence of her partner until near the end, the clock winds back and brings her back to the very beginning. There are probably multiple ways to interpret this but my take on it is that it would have been better for her to have been alone than to have gotten involved with the man in the video. 

She might have tried a little too hard here.
Now onto the dance: What I thought was most interesting about the whole dance was that she performed all of it while barefoot. Usually we see girls wearing heals, sneakers with huge insoles to make idols look taller, or something but she went without anything. Perhaps this was to accentuate the raw feeling of the video. Parts of the dance were good while other sections were not so great. The biggest example of what was possibly the most awkward part of the video was when she was on her hands and knees, humping and thrusting her hips. It looked too contained, like she was trying to keep it classy while still trying to execute the sexiness that is inherent in those types of moves. With something like that, you have to go all out and own it but it seemed more like she was intimidated by it than anything. 

Calm down girl, he's trying to eat his dinner.
The song: 24 Hours has a sound that is a little reminiscent of Miss A's Touch. That's not to say that they sound exactly the same, it's just that you can tell they were composed by the same person. At least this time, there isn't a JYP whisper to announce to the world that this is a JYP production. Another reason the song sounds a little like something Miss A would release is because this is Sunmi's first solo release, so she hasn't been able to fully flesh out her own "sound" just yet. The song has a sudden and jarring start instead of leading up to the chorus, it is the first thing you hear in the song. There are quite a few songs that start that way but usually it's a more subtle version of the chorus or dulled down in order to give the chorus more power. The orchestral break down was also rather sudden. It does properly portray the sadness she feels over how this obsession is making her lose her sense of self but they could have found a way to lead up to it more smoothly. In the vocals, you can hear the pure desperation in her voice and can feel that she is actually going crazy over this man. 

Overall opinion: This isn't the best song ever but I do like the way the song actually ties into the video. The visuals are good and the production values must have been high because almost everything in the video looks amazing. It isn't a song for everyone but I do personally like it and hope that Sunmi does well as a solo artist. 

Well, what do you guys think of the video? Comment below! 

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  1. "With everything that's going on with Wondergirls (or rather, not going on with Wondergirls)" - That was cold... me gusta.

    "Calm down girl, he's trying to eat his dinner." LMAO.

    Anyway, JYP's videos are almost always interesting as well as their songs--I actually believe out of the Big 3, they produce the best quality however, simply just lack at management. The video was... well, interesting. Pretty good, in my opinion and the song as mentioned above, had a feel of Miss A's Touch though wasn't exactly like it (was it composed by the same person? Would have to research that but... too lazy). I actually think this was a pleasing solo debut but what I really wish it that she kept her long hair cause she kind of looked way too... masculine with her short hair? I can't really get into the video with it though her hair did do some justice when she made those turns and it seemed like it was magical.

  2. I tried so hard to research who composed the song but I couldn't find anything about it Q.Q So I had to assume


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