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This week has been barely anything but talk about EXO, talk about Big Bang, talk about more EXO and talk about more Big Bang... so I really thought it would be wasteful and long to make two separate reviews for EXO's 2nd version of Growl (which doesn't even deserve a review, to be honest) and Seungri's steamy and hot Gotta Talk To You music video in an extremely unconventional format just to make it an easier read.

EXO's Growl 2.0 might as well not Exist

Let's start with EXO's Growl. Instead of the usual decoding of music video, song and dance because we already did that for their first video here, I'm just going to speak plainly of it:
Cannot unsee
It was worse than the original which is odd because the original was solely dancing whereas this had more shots, more angles, more effects and basically more of everything which makes me believe that honestly, less is certainly becoming more in K-Pop nowadays, 2NE1's Do You Love Me homemade music video and the in initial Growl video proving this true. The boys looked lifeless, dull and bored... not to mention, the ant's eye view camera was rampant and uncontrollable especially in the beginning (featured in the original teaser for the song) which seriously just set me in a 'this is going to be shit' mood from the get-go. What I still can't understand is why the fuck they incorporated and added dancing parts from the first music video in the second video if the purpose of a second video is to have something new in the first place, not to mention, the close-up shots were sometimes awkward or placed incorrectly, ruining the already shitty flow of the video, making me wonder why the hell I was still watching it and pausing the video only to then remember that I had to review it and had to finish the three minutes and nearly thirty seconds all the way through. I don't think there's any saving grace in this video with the cheap as fuck set and the odd clothing to accompany it other than the song... which we already said was amazing and Kai who was the true shining star in this video.

Final Rating: 0.5/5
As mentioned before, it might as well not have existed-- most EXOtics claiming that the second version was a drama version (we all know EXO's Wolf drama wasn't that great, anyway) and this really just being like the ugly friend in a group of really hot people.

You need to talk to me? Stranger danger, much?

He likes choking and spanking

For the past what seems like millennium, we've been bombarded with YG Entertainment's losing-it's-touch songs (all thanks to Teddy the producer who thinks it's funny to name 2NE1's songs I Love You, Falling in Love and Do You Love Me) however, now, it's a change because this time Seungri apparently played a huge part in making this song as well as album, expressing his feelings and claiming the title as an 'artist' gracefully. The track is slow and when I began it, somewhat reminded me of G-Dragon's That XX however, I pushed that thought off immediately when it started to pick up. I'm not going to say this song is the song of the year or even close since well, it's good but it's not something I would hustle with Seungri for especially being that fact that it was extremely repetitive, somewhat anticlimactic and a bit too bland for my tastes. Nevertheless, I was surprised and actually enjoying the change of song feeling with Seungri's newest song, Gotta Talk to You and in fact, I was mildly satisfied.

Final Rating: 3/5
The music video and song was interesting yet wasn't as knock-me-off-my-seat as expected. I liked it was a change from the usual songs released being that it was more slow and sensual however, it wasn't enough to really... hit the nail on the head for me.

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  1. The music video kind of irritated me because I couldn't even see what was going on most of the time with that weird glass reflection effect they had going. I couldn't even tell what he was doing in the dance Q.Q

  2. I don't know why SM thought that it was a smart idea to make another version of EXO's 'Growl' MV. I understand that there wasn't enough solo shots of the boys, but really? Is it even necessary?

  3. I finally checked out that MV, and it honestly was not needed. It truly was worse than the original.


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