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Obviously, 2NE1's CL is the most evil person on the plane, releasing her solo music video, The Baddest Female and getting a shit load of negative reviews, doing what she usually does, raps, in Falling in Love and getting hate for that, appearing in the music video Do You Love Me? because yes, she's still in 2NE1 and acted like she snorted all my bath salts because the video was meant for fun, smoking a fake cigarette and posting it on Instagram and being labeled a 'try hard' as usual even though her label-mate G-Dragon had a picture around the same time of 'rainbow smoke' and getting only 'dayyyyyyyyyback opppppparrrr!' and now, sitting on her friend and Adidas designer, Jeremy Scott's, lap in what looks like underwear on him.


Jeremy is gay.

Let's get that straight. He never said he was gay to the public but who needs to say that they're gay when they're obviously gay? Do you now have to pounce around wearing 'I'm GHEI' shirts, screaming 'I'M GHEIIIIII' wherever you go and having public butt sex with your gay partner, Rico, to get the message across or--

I'm not going to say this picture was one hundred percent clean. 
I mean, CL does look like she's wearing no pants and only underwear, surrounded by people who look like they would be willing to participate in an orgy and for all I know, she could have her butt hole carved out in one of Jeremy's new 'designs' on her shorts(?) and Jeremy could be going 'all in'.

There's a few things I want to point out:

Apparently to Yahoo as well as a bajillion other American news sources, granny panties are the 'thing' right now. Celebrities wear them in public with no shame, you see them in music videos and aren't flabbergasted and of course, they're too hideous and huge to be considered panties in this age of slutdom so of course we have to use them as "shorts".
So maybe CL is just following a trend wearing granny panties?

What is really funny is how a lot of Korean netizens are claiming as if they know everything Americans do because of course, every single American is the same exact person and partake in the same exact actions.
In fact, most are saying that 'Americans don't sit on laps because they know what Americans are like through our television through our American Koreaboo friend which is totally, specifically and one hundred percent false especially if that friend is gay.

Lastly, the picture could've been uploaded without much retort just with a little more pants on CL's behalf. Nevertheless, I wouldn't have a problem with netizens not liking the photo, but the fact is that they generalize hundreds of millions of people with irrelevant and unjustified facts? That's crazy. Not to mention, that guy is gayer than the happiest person on Earth. Give her a break.

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  1. its not a big deal, I mean the guys obviously gay so that's that.
    CL should have been smarter and not uploaded the picture. When I first saw the pic I thought it was no big deal but I knew that Koreans were going to give her hell for it. same goes for the smoking picture she uploaded.


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