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Kara has been extremely busy lately with their promotions in Japan, so much so that they're starting to become somewhat irrelevant in the world of Kpop. Last year, they came back long enough to release Pandora, promote the song in Korea, and then went straight back to Japan to continue with their promotions overseas. Finally, they've returned from Japan for their latest song, Damaged Lady. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out below!

First of all, let's talk about how confusing it was when they released Runaway not too long ago. At first when I saw it pop up on my list of YouTube subscriptions, I thought to myself "awwww yeah, Kara must have finally come back to Korea to release a new song." and then I was extremely disappointed to see that it was just two minutes of a song that was decent but not outstanding by any means. Shortly after, I discovered that Kara was actually going to make a comeback with a song titled Damaged Lady. My lucky discovery proved to me that maybe Kara wasn't going to be as disappointing as I almost thought they were going to be. Anyway, let me start getting into the actual music video and song itself. 

The Video
I wouldn't mind Nicole shoving a muffin down my throat tho
Theme/Story: Damaged Lady is one of your usual (yet not so usual) jealousy music videos where the girls have broken up with their men and are jealous towards anyone that manages to catch his attention. Throughout the video, we get some dancing, some slowmo shots, and then we get to the juicy bits of it. Each member gets a chance at torturing the guy by ganging up on him, shoving him around, stuffing food in his mouth, pouring champagne on his head, and shooting him in the face with a fire extinguisher (which would have actually killed them had it been real. MURDERERS!). Afterwards, similar to 4minute's Like Water video, the overhead sprinklers go off and everyone proceeds to have the best dance party of their lifetime. Sounds like a good time if you ask me.  

Visuals: Damn do these girls look fine in this video but when has any of the members of Kara not looked good? The regal look is amazing and they look great in almost every scene throughout the whole video with the exception of the parts with them in bowl cuts. I cannot stand bowl cuts. It looks terrible on anybody and everybody. Nobody should ever have a bowl cut and I have yet to see anyone who looks even halfway decent with it. 

Butt wafting their way into hell
Dance: The dance is painfully simple, which was quite disappointing. I've seen Kara do dances that were much more complex than this. I'm not saying that Kara is supposed to be as great as BoA but I've seen them do better. However, the dance does tie in well with the song when they talk about how they had just broken up and remove the imaginary ring from their fingers. Now let's talk about the part of the dance that was the most eye catching part of the whole thing. You know what I'm talking about. I dub it the "butt wafting dance". I don't know why the choreographer thought that was a good idea. 

The Song
What a babe
I've always had a love-hate relationship when it comes to Kara's songs. I've always loved their songs that involved a more mature concept but hated their more aegyo-centric songs. Unfortunately, for a while, Kara had a knack for making mature or quirky comebacks and then returning later with a song oozing with cutesy sweetness. This is part of the reason why I was never sure if I actually liked KARA or not. However, since the release of Jumping, they've decided to stick with the mature theme and I really hope it stays that way. The song has that typical Kara sound which allows you to actually tell it's them unlike some artists of the year trying weird concepts and sounds that don't work for them. What makes this song stand out from the others would possibly be the integration of spoken word into the song. It's not often that you see that and it can be a hit or miss kind of thing and I think it turned out well. The lyrics are also quite bitter compared to their others. I think my favorite part of the song is the opening. It starts with Hara leading into the song (quite sexily if I do say so myself) with a spoken word section of the song which is heard multiple times throughout the song. The bridge leading up to the chorus with the electric guitar is also a great part of the song that does a splendid job of building the energy going into the chorus. 

So what did you think of the song and video? Also, do you think they'll promote in Korea for a decent amount of time before inevitably returning to Japan to continue their promotions there?

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