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Similar to my post talking about the double standards of success, Girls' Generation and PSY Edition, really want to pinpoint the newest addition to the from-Korea-to-American market craze, my five girls, Crayon Pop. Sure, I'm not a huge fan of them... in fact, I don't even know any of their names and refer to pointing them out as 'the blonde one', 'the one who seems like the leader or the face... don't know but I see her a lot' and 'the other three' however, with all the sheer stupidity I see from both international fans and national fans, I can't help but simply think to myself this:

Why you hatin'?

and forcibly add in the first Korean to break into the American market who I respect completely and am not as ignorant as the newer fangirls who don't even know K-history prior to Gee and think Girls' Generation, 2NE1 and all the fucktard idols are still as relevant as they were a few years ago, PSY. So I'm going to hand it to you--literally: 

Here's some jelly cause you are what you eat, my good sir. 

All your plastic unnirs and untalented oppars couldn't make it to the American market singing their shitty, autotuned English songs whereas these six people did, keeping their own style, not changing for "America" nor expecting attention from them and keeping even some remnants of their culture by singing in at least 95% Korean... no, the shitly (I made a new word) pronounced Engrish does not count as English so grab a chair and take a fucking seat. So what Crayon Pop didn't sing? If your biases have sung all of their performances, no lip-syncing involved, throw the first stone. 
I thought so. 

What's funny is that EXOtics are pissed that Growl lost to Bar, Bar, Bar and wondering when I'm still wondering if EXO would be half as relevant without SM why when Bar, Bar, Bar is actually known to most residents of Korea, is famous and deserves at least one win since of course, they didn't get to where they were solely through the power of their company. Also, to get into America you don't need to give something "funny", it's just by chance that both Crayon Pop and PSY had funny videos and got some attention. You need something new--The Boys was not new so shut the fuck up. Eat You Up was reminiscent of Britney Spears so could that be new? No. 

Cannibalism cannot help you become relevant, BoA

However, how many funny videos do you see on a daily basis? Really? We see plain Jane, celebrity pose for camera, does some other shit like drive or walk but never really does much else in all types of music so seeing this? Cool. Not to mention, both didn't become something their not and English'ed it up or provided unintelligible raps by untalented and brainless shitfucks nor grabbed the first irrelevant black guy, tied their name together when speaking for an interview and expected all to go swell. In fact, they didn't expect anything except just to comeback and possibly get a few more fans.

Lastly, this is more on PSY's behalf, but I can't stand when people say PSY did nothing for K-Pop. For. Fucks. Sake. Of course not. First, he's not even a K-Pop artist so what the exact fuck are you expecting? Second, when a foreign artist from a different country gets into the American market, not every artist from the same country gets in. Adele got in but I would have never known Little Mix if they didn't advance themselves. Shakira got in but I still have yet to know another Columbian artist. And for fucks sake, who the hell was Carly Rae Japsen prior to her OWN doing with Call Me Maybe even though Justin Bieber came here? Stop expecting every untalented K-Pop artist come here with one viral person. If I didn't know K-Pop, I wouldn't give a damn about any 9 member girl group or seven guys who 2 can dance really well but most can't sing if their lives depended on it and only PSY would be on my mind when associating with Korea. PSY actually helped Korea and apparently, tourism increased post-Gangnam Style so stop deluding yourselves that K-Pop is the ony thing that matters. As I have said time and time again, your love between you and oppar is one-sided. 

To conclude, I had to vent my frustrations with this whole Crayon PSY/PSYCrayon shit since most people are ungrateful little fucks and don't understand life beyond 'chocolate photoshopped abs' and unnirs plastic nose.

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  1. I completely agree with you! Lately kpop fans have been giving psy a lot if hate and it's prety damn obvious that their GELOUS that's its not their favorite group that made it in the US market.
    Honestly I think psy did help the kpop market, a number of people actually got into kpop because of psy.

  2. I know right! Look at the Wonder girls. Everyone thought that they were going to make it big in America only to flop so hard you can't even imagine. That goes for SNSD too. PSY only made it big in America because of how stupid and fun Gangnam Style was. OH THE JEALOUSY!

  3. It's also funny how so many of them have this chip on their shoulder about how they think Psy is perceived in America.

    They rant about how "Americans just think of him as some funny dancing Asian stereotype".

    As far as I can tell, Americans liked 'Gangnam Style' for the exact same fucking reasons that Koreans did.

    And they are certainly a lot more forgiving. Psy was quoted saying that he wanted American soldiers and their children to be murdered. And what happened? Basically nothing. They gave him a SuperBowl commercial. They treat him better than Koreans would have. In fact, as far as I can tell, he has basically moved to Los Angeles.

  4. I really don't think Crayon Pop is known in the West outside of K-pop fans.

    The only reason they got some American media coverage is because everyone likes trying to predict things before they actually happen.

    I've been a Crayon Pop fan since their debut and even I'm annoyed a bit by some of the "next Gangnam Style" hype from the western media.

  5. "I really don't think Crayon Pop is known in the West outside of K-pop fans."
    Yeah, it's not nearly as viral as Gangnam Style was in the beginning. I didn't even know BarBarBar got western media coverage, actually. ._.

  6. I have nothing against the girls themselves, but DAYUM BarBarBar is annoying as hell. (at least to me, it is.)

    Then again, popular songs aren't necessarily the "best" ones, either. Idk, I just don't like the whole thing. Even though their concept isn't exclusive to Japanese music, it reminds me too much of j-pop MVs. Not really something I see as "original", just that you don't usually see a concept like that in MVs.

  7. Yeah, I know. But they're advancing soon with Sony & were on Good Morning America so I kind of had to talk about it like it was viral here.

  8. It's okay, it's your opinion. I can kind of see where you're coming from but meh, I think it's original. I mean, how many times do you see 5 girls jumping, yeah, jumping, yeah, EVERYBODY! and wearing helmets, track suits and random shit?

  9. I see that in the Barney show :D


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