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Everyone! It's national date week! Grab a partner and if you don't have one, find a porn video and pretend! INFINITE's very own L, after f(x)'s Sulli and T-ara's Soyeon, is now in his own dating controversy. This time? The most thirsty piece of specimen I have came across, uljjang Do YeonThere's been so many articles surrounding this piece of news so if you truly don't know what's going on, here's the 411:

Thirsty as ever Do Yeon took a selca on SNS with a mysterious hand pulling at her hair. The hand? The possession of Infinite's Myungsoo, his bracelet telling it to be so.

If that wasn't enough, here's more: there's also images of him going on supermarket date with her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not convinced yet? Let's take a good look at their Twitter messages, Myungsoo writing things basically admitting his love for a certain person, Thirst Yeon making the most obvious message which, if read vertically, would say "I miss you, Myungsoo-ah" and a picture of Myungsoo with a different uljjang than Do Yeon, a few words typed publicly or said behind closed doors then L crying a few days post-incident, gullible fans believing oppar was crying for joy.

Honestly, I don't see why it's getting to the extent of fancafe closing, fangirls hating and feeling betrayed when seriously, he can't date all fifty billion of 'em and netizens spewing hatred. What I'm sitting here worrying about are two things:

2. Why SM (since Infinite's now in SM C&C) are so lazy
with responses.

I mean, to explain the first, it's obvious she wants the public to know the relationship. Does it make her B-class link netizens are howling through their asses? No. It's just makes her attention-filled. Now, I'm not 100% they're dating but if they are, they had to have been for a good ass while since apparently sasaengs knew it but kept quiet and she had the nerve to do all that stuff and him as if they were a long loving couple. But being that... ya know? She wants it to go public, it'll hurt her that he's denying it so aggressively, their relationship probably not being able to last well and long after unless they were at an equal understanding.

And #2, SM sucks so bad at this. It's either they suspiciously wipe the world of all articles pertaining the scandal, using their power for fored removal or they spew shit like "Oh, she was sick so he came over shirtless to assist her" or "Sulli was feeling bad though I remember other SM performers were basically dying of sleep deprivation but still performed to the best of their abilities" which just really fucks up artists. I mean, there's nothing to use as an excuse for this other than their current one, stating they're "close friends" but can't they work magic like they did with Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun's dating scandal and delete the articles? 

Or is it too hard for 'em? Two seconds wasted that you could've been using having Lee Soo Man's son making shitty tracks like Wolf.

You go, SM.

And you go, too, readers. On the comment section and show your support of either or side.

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  1. People actually believed this shit. 8th wonder of the world?

  2. Can I get a few links please of the information that disproves this, though?

    Ah, I didn't know the information about Woollim and SM C&C. I thought you could both call the label that was created Woollim label or SM C&C since I believed they were the same.

  3. i love infinite n i love L n i dont fucking care who he date with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n i love wolf too,,,,,,,,

  4. Honestly I dont care who he dates. That's his problem.
    Im not a crazy L fan.
    However I AM a crazy Sunggyu fan and will prob go batsh*t if any of this pops up with him


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