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Miss A's Min, is currently under fire for posting a hilarious meme of Rick Ross's face over Sunmi's face with the caption "Rick Ross minus 24 servings" and now everyone thinks she's racist. Everyone knows the stereotype about black people loving fried chicken, but this is less about a racial stereotype but more about how Rick Ross is a fatass. There's nothing even stereotypical about it! The man loves chicken so much, he raps about chicken, owns several chicken restaurants, hell, he's made of chicken. The meme is basically stating that if he didn't eat so much chicken, he'd probably have a skinnier body. 

Later, JYP apologizes for it to hopefully calm down raging netizens. The statement can be seen below, as translated by allkpop. 
She posted it without any malicious intent. She later realized it was wrong of her to do so and took the picture down. She had no intention of causing a racial discrimination controversy.
 Admittedly, the apology is probably necessary because they're usually a sure fire way of calming down netizens if the timing is right. Min took down the picture as well so hopefully netizens will cool their shit and take a moment to think for once (which is highly doubtful).

Personally, I think it's a great joke and Min has a wonderful sense of humor.

So what do you think? Do you think the joke is racist or do you think netizens were just waiting to throw something out there to cause another controversy? Comment below!

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  1. seriously, this isn't racist at all, and not just because rick ross is a total fat ass.

    were don't you see jokes about black people liking fried chicken these days, its all over TV and the internet, and yes its funny. I'm black and it really doesn't offend me at all. its just in the same alley as common stereotype's like Asians are smart and Jewish people love money. they are just dumb stereotypes. so really I have no idea why this hilarious pic pegged min as a racist.

    come on... this is funny.

  2. I thought this was so fucking stupid. Although the meme itself did not humor me, people are only making 'racist' accusations towards Min because the meme itself was not made by someone who's black, if it were it automatically would become a joke. I bet my non-existant favorite magic carpet that people wouldn't throw that big of a bitch-fit if it were made by someone of Ross's race. This stereo-type itself isn't funny but insolent and infantile, but I truly believe people are blowing it out of proportion.


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