Posted by : AndiSweets October 30, 2013

Trouble Maker has recently found themselves caught in a scandal concerning Rihanna's hit song We Found Love, or rather the music video for the song. Before making any judgement, I recommend actually watching both videos below to compare them to each other and form your opinion based on that. 

I seriously think netizens are desperately fishing for something to satisfy there cold meaningless lives. Of course, plagiarism is a serious issue but only when there's actually stolen material involved. Similarities are bound to happen when two different music videos are based off the same general idea, this one being Bonnie and Clyde. In my opinion, there is no possible way this music video is plagiarized and I'm going to dissect and explain why.

Screen Shot #1
Oh look, a couple sitting on the hood of their car. We surely haven't seen this scene before in any music video whatsoever. Moving on.

Screen Shot #2
Okay so in Rihanna's video, the couple is inside the car while they're spinning around acting like fools and the shot of the car pulling donuts is about half a second. In Troublemaker's video, the two are standing in the middle while two cars spin around them and there is more focus on the scene rather than the few seconds we see in We Found Love. 

Screen Shot #3
Another example of a scene we have never seen before... ever. C'mon, it's obviously plagiarized. 

Screen Shot #4
Honestly at this point, it really seemed like netizens were out of their mind. Fireworks have always been a symbol of fun times and merriment and it's used often in music videos. 

Heavy sarcasm aside, I really don't think the video is plagiarized. 

So what do you think? Is this actually enough for a full case or is it just going to calm down or nothing will come of it? Comment below!

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  1. LOL leave it to the crazy netizens to find this stuff out XD! But I don't think it's a big deal and I don't think it's necessarily plagiarism.

  2. Well they are indeed similar... and although they were just going for the same 'Bonnie and Clyde' concept, I still think they could have gone about it a slightly different way-- like the part where they're dancing while the cars circled them was just unnecessary.

  3. Unnecessary, but cool!!!!!


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