Posted by : AndiSweets October 21, 2013

It wasn't too long ago when it was announced that T-ara's Jiyeon was beginning to receive treatment for a knee injury that turned out to be a condition known as knee synovitis. Shortly after, it was announced that Jiyeon will still continue promotions with T-ara despite how the painful condition might be. The statement can be seen below as translated by allkpop:

Jiyeon was recently diagnosed with knee synovitis... Her determination to stand on stage is strong so following treatment, Jiyeon plans to stand on stage.
She plans to continue to receive painkillers and physical therapy... She also plans to carry out all of the music show performances and more as scheduled.

In all honesty, I'm not sure if I should be proud of Jiyeon for toughing it out like that, if it's on her own free will, or suspicious of CCM's ability to take care of their idols (and let's face it, we all have suspicions about CCM). If we consider about ex member Hwayoung's ankle injury in 2011, I can possibly assume that this decision is on her own free will. During their promotions in Japan when she was injured, Hwayoung did not make any appearances except for one where she sat down to perform her rap solo without any conviction for their song Day by Day.

Then again, since Jiyeon is perhaps the most popular member of the group, Kim Kwan Soo couldn't possibly let the girl catch a break. Still, kudos to her for pushing through like that. 

So what do you think? Do you believe it's on her own free will that she decided to continue with promotions despite her injury? Or is she being given no other choice? Comment below!

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