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It hasn't been long since the release of SHINee's Dream Girl and SHINee has been keeping themselves busy since then with their Japanese promotions for Boy Meets U over the summer. Now they've returned to Korea right away with their promotions for their latest song Everybody. If you haven't seen it yet,  check it out below!

The Video

Theme/StorySM Entertainment has graced me with more box sets and no plot line to dissect and find the deep profound meaning of the story. Yaaayyyy [insert sarcasm here]. Today's theme is robotics, and SM Entertainment is going to teach the class how to incorporate the robot into a more intensive dance in fun and interesting ways. They'll also teach you how to abuse box sets so much that you can learn how to make box sets as stale as yesterday's pancakes too. 

Visuals: Everybody should really tone down the intensity in this video by a lot. When I was scrolling through the song looking at different screen caps, almost every time I stopped on a close up where each member either looked constipated or their mouth was wide open. There's a lot of open mouths going around in this video and it is not attractive. Honestly, I've seen a more attractive SHINee in the past. They looked amazing in Dream Girl and Why So Serious. I'm not too found of Key's black hair either (though it could be due to the make up). 

Dance: I am in love with this dance. Like EXO's Wolf it looks like the song focuses more on the performance side of the song rather than just a catchy song to listen to on its own. I especially enjoy the extensive amount of teamwork involved in the dance where they pass along dances to each other and interact as if they were robots being brought to life by one another. I say if you watch this video for anything, it should be the dance. The song itself isn't amazing but the dance definitely makes up for it. 

The Song 

This is one of those unique songs that is wonderfully good yet terribly bad at the same time and here's why: the not so pleasing to the ear robotic sounds throughout the song. The mechanical, high pitched beeping sounds heard every now and then in the song absolutely ruin the song but makes the performance so much more interesting. The theme is robotic, yes, but SM Entertainment did a terrible job at coming up with a melodic way to Incorporate mechanical sounds into the song that works for both the performance and the song. The rest of the song is easy on the ears and was good enough for me not to dislike the song entirely. However, there was one last issue I had with the song which was that it was just one step shy of not sounding like a SHINee song. You can tell it's SHINee but at the same time it doesn't sound quite right. You catch my drift, right? 

So what do you think? Are you fond of SM's 2013 trend of experimental sounds? Comment below!

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  1. The comparison to Exo's "Wolf" is spot on, especially with regard to both "Wolf" and "Everybody" being musically experimental and focusing on the performance aspect of the music.

    I completely agree with everything you wrote about the song itself (especially the good but terrible at the same time bit). I particularly hate the overly repetitive and dubstepy chorus.

  2. Thanks for the review! I initially found the chorus to be somewhat amusing - there couldn't possibly be a way for this song to be more aptly titled. In a way, I completely agree with you that the highlight of the song is the dance. It was sophisticated, unconventional and refreshing.

  3. well i don't know about others...but the music to me sounded like the one they used in SM performance special song 'Spectrum'...


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