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We've all heard about the craziness that is EXOtics and their antics. Among other incidents, they have crashed Baekhyun's older brother's wedding and have been banned from Inkigayo. Well, recently, there has been a petition created in the hopes of exempting the group from military service and the staff here at Kpop Ranter have gotten together yet again to give their opinions on the matter.

Tiffany: I really have nothing to say to this whole scandal cause frankly, I'm tired of EXO and their crazy ass fans appearing in the news every single day. It's sickening, it's frightening but for the love of all that is Bang Yong Guk, it's tiring. And I know all you secret EXOtics in the comments are going to be like "dun genaralizeee oui r nawt al da saym" but I tell you, after you see a few people who are bad in the fanclub--and gosh, 400,000 signatures is by new means "a few"--you start to think of the whole fan club as a bunch of batshit apes who lost their way to the empire state building and fell in love with a human (King Kong reference for all you dip shits who don't understand). As stated before, I'm exasperated at the EXOtic fan club and seriously, at this point I could give less shits of what I say. EXO should just disband cause nothing else will help this 12 year old girls who just got their periods other than a nice glass of ass whoopin'... which EXO managers haven't been doing much of (weird cause most SM managers are eager to get a good handful of sasaeng face). Come at me, EXOtics. I'm ready for your shit.

Andi: I agree with Tiffany when she says that EXO should be disbanded. They've been receiving a lot of attention lately that isn't necessarily good and it's all because of their fans. I personally would like for EXO to stay together and continue performing because they really are all quite talented and I like a lot of their music. Unfortunately, with such a great amount of stress being put on them like this, I doubt they can last for much longer. However, a small beacon of light may be leading us out of the darkness and that light is EXO Planet. For those of you who don't know who they are, they are the EXO's official fan club. Just recently, they released a statement saying that they were never involved with the whole petition deal and refuse to sign it out of support for EXO. They have even gone as far as to say that they will take legal action if this shit goes any farther and I'm betting it will. Let's just wait and see how this war turns out.

Jeana: To present a different view, I do not think that EXO should be disbanded. While truth be told that they have indeed been infamous for their mindless fans, I do agree with Andi in that their tremendous talents and (pardon me) beauty as a group should not be forgone because of something so unworthy. Previous EXO sasaeng incidents were questionable, but I find this particular one to be plain wishful thinking on the part of those crazy EXOtics, much to the point of absurdity. As per Wikipedia, "Conscription, or mandatory military service or compulsory national service, is legislated in South Korea...". In other words, military service is not optional and all men in suitable condition have to enlist. So do those EXO fans really think that they can influence the government with that petition of theirs (please don't start any attempt to convince me of the possibility that EXO could appear on the list of exceptions for military service)? Honestly I really don't know what anyone should do besides taking legal action (or perhaps taking legal action is all there is to do) as mentioned by Andi, but for me, disbanding EXO is definitely not the answer. 

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. seriously exo fans are really making me hate EXO. they try to stick exo into anything and everything, its beyond annoying!!

  2. Don't blame Exo for their sasaeng/crazy-ass fans, blame SM entertainment and their complete refusal to create a business model that doesn't depend on pleasing the sasaeng/crazy-ass fans.

  3. The only way to tame a monster is to beat the monster...

  4. this kpopranter site is desperate for attention, isn't it? lol calling out for exo to be disbanded because of their crazy stupid TEENAGE fans? You are just as delusional and immature... Please continue to stay pressed.

  5. I'm not blaming EXO but I just see the only resolution is disbandment.

  6. Right.
    And a clinically insane EXO fan is coming to this website, name-calling and claiming this site is dying for attention (what? If I was, wouldn't we be stating the popular option which is to put laws?) for what?

    There's clearly no other solution: SM taking action never worked for any of their groups and putting laws in a country where the police is a joke is nothing.

    I don't care for biased and PMSing internet rollers, 'kay?

  7. I find it somewhat extreme to ask for the disbandment of a group based on the crazy segment of their fandom, and frankly, I don't think it will solve the problem at all. The sasaeng/crazy fans will still be as crazy as ever, and they'll find a new singer/group to go crazy over if/when Exo disband.

    The only way we can seriously begin to do something about the sasaeng/crazy-ass fans, is by altering part of the Kpop culture and business model (some meaningful Korean legislation on stalking would most likely help too).

  8. Everyone says putting laws... in fact, I thought of putting laws. But laws won't work unless Korea's police are taken seriously. In fact, most police in Korea don't even walk around with guns... I mean, that's great, but sasaengs are basically clinically insane. What's to say they don't rip the guy up to shreds, take his clothing, wear it, use their own force to get into the building and then do whatever they want?
    Even in places like America where the police are taken seriously, there's still stalkers and crazies. In fact, I read something just a few days ago that Nicolas Cage once woke up in the middle of the night to this random guy eating a fudgesicle on his bed.

    There's nothing we can do seriously. I mean, nothing other than disbandment imho.


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