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For every non-leap year year, July 2nd marks the exact middle of the year, 182 days falling before it and 182 days falling after it, both halves of the year containing different events and memories that effect the future of K-Pop greatly. With the constant Engrishing of songs, girl groups' shortening of their already crotch-length clothing and what seems like billions of scandals that shape every consecutive K-Pop day, because I'm feeling generous today, I present you the 2013 Random and Not Meant to Be Offensive so Please Don't Bitch About How Perfect Your Oppar Is, Thanks Awards... otherwise known as the RANT Awards.

Warning: Shitty photoshop ahead

CL - The "Thuggin' with Dem Drawn on Amoebas on my Arm" Award & Pantless GD - The "Cannot Unsee" Award

Dal Shabet - The "Camel Appreciation" Award

The "How the Fuck Did They Win #1 on Music Shows with a Shit Song that Charted Low?" Award; Runner-Up: 2PM

Sunye - The "She wanted the D; She GOT the D" Award; Runner-Up: Hyeri

Hyori - The "Let Them Wait Two Years for a Bunch of Mundane Songs" Award

SISTAR - The "Hyorin... a little bit of Bora... Wait, who's the other two?" Award; Runner-Up: HyunA Hour + 4 Minutes
Girls' Generation - The "Bipolar Teenage Girl" Award

T-ara N4 - The "You Tried" Award

2NE1 - The "June... postpone, July... postpone... October... postpone... November... postpone... Maybe July... of 2015" Award

Wet PSY - The "That definitely didn't sound like Gangnam Style 2.0" Award

G-Dragon - The "Best Dressed" Award

SE7EN - The "OPPAR DEEDNT MEEN ET!!!111" Award

Jo Kwang Soo - The "Drag Queen" Award

SECRET's Hyosung - The "I don't always say Democratization, but when I do, I fuck up my group" Award
P.S. Sorry for my epic photoshop skills burning your eyes

See you in December for the next half!

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  1. SHINeeGirlinSHINeeWorldJuly 2, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    The Camel Appreciation award... *dead*

  2. Lol most these were funny and I agreed with them but others...... I flat out disagree with.

  3. Thanks :D!
    Well, all of them are meant to be sarcastic and funny... nothing serious.

  4. The "'Why is this Piece of Shit Still Charting?' Award":

    4minute - 'What's Your Name?'

  5. yellowslugreviewsJuly 2, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    I unironically agree with the best dressed award so much that it rolls back around to being ironic.

  6. Lol, G-Dragon dressed so "well" this year, it was hard to not to give him the award.

  7. How did I just now see this??? This cracked me up XD


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