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As you all should know, ex-T-ara member Ahreum has posted numerous pictures on her Instagram, numerous videos on her Instagram and numerous text posts on her Instagram which more or less lean towards her being a lunatic.

As summarized from what I can see, the pictures she posted were odd, some pictures of her uneven cut bangs and others of just pure... inexplicables. She recently posted a video saying she was in the process of having a sleepover with her friends and when she panned the camera towards her supposed "mates", they turned out to be invisible and she turned out to be crazier than what met the eye. Lastly, her texts posts mostly revolve around convulted, unclear and to sum, crazy ass hell words that the average Joe wouldn't even dare say, but since she ain't the average Joe, it seems like something a maniac would.


To begin my analysis of the issue, I'm not sure at this point whether Ahreum is crazy or not being that CCM denied it and every netizen who knows jacksquat are only making assumptions. Nevertheless, what I am leaning towards after seeing everything with my own eyes are that she actually is crazy and should seek help.

The question though? Was she crazy all along? which is why CCM gave her the boot or was it by chance?

Crazy from birth? Not sure; it would be surreal that any company would place a raging schizophrenic on a team of girls to try to take over the nation (...but then again, it's CCM we're talking about here). Not to mention, she hasn't been that insane until her leave from Tara.

"So you're blaming T-ara...?"
On the contrary! I'm not a specialist nor am I an idol but I don't believe T-ara caused anything that she's experiencing right now despite some netizens' beliefs.

If you're going to choose something, you at least have to think she's not crazy until further notice and maybe is doing it for the attention.

So what do you think? Does Ahreum need to seek professional help? Or is she just a little "unique"? Voice your opinions below!

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