Posted by : KPopRanter December 01, 2013

Obviously, Korean entertainment can't live a week without blasting down another group, most particularly, the African-American race, in hopes to create comedy. One of the most MBC show in Korea, Infinity Challenge, is now getting the backlash it seriously does deserve for calling an ecstatic, joyous and non-deserving of racism African man a "freshly cooked" version of the cast member, Noh Hong Chul.

When will these fools learn?

Now, the whole Internet is against Infinity Challenge including native Korean netizens (this is not the first time they called out racism, see netizenbuzz's article of the Trayvon Martin case, Kenyan man living in Korea and getting racist remarks throughout his life and Miss A's Min thoughtless Twitter post all thought of to be against the African-American race and all attacked by K-nets) and to be honest, it's deserving. Labelling someone as "freshly cooked" as if they're pieces of food just because of the color of their skin is dumb as hell especially cause... shit, it's 2013! These Korean netizens know well now that racism is not cool in this day and age (don't understand why the Infinity Challenge members are oblivious) and honestly, this topic isn't even much to throw a fit about since it comes up like a thousand times a year and I would just be wasting my breath and finger strength trying to type a full blown article about how racism in Korea is bad since well, this is tiring.

We're just going to have to sit back, relax, watch for an Infinity Challenge apology as well as numerous netizens relentless to accepting the said apology.

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  1. yep, this is just strait up racist no question about it!

  2. breatheliveandworshipraviDecember 3, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Oooooh geez.


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