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Mentally raise your hand if you've ever heard someone exclaim 'I want to be Korean'. Now mentally raise your hand if someone say 'I want to date/marry a Korean man/woman'. Lastly, mentally raise your hand if that person who said any one of those things was you.
Are you still raising it?
Especially during the year 2013, I have witnessed so many people question why they weren't Korean or how to date/marry a Korean person because obviously, their oppar and unnir are so hot which meant that every single Korean in existence was a walking clone of them. Simply due to an obsession to the drug-like music, K-Pop, more and more people who honestly, wouldn't have dreamed liking these men and women before are now getting effected by the epidemic that's better-wise known as 'yellow fever', the patients fantasizing as well as perfection-izing Koreans as if they were all some kind of gods and it would be the equivalent of placing gold in the Olympics if they were to simply talk to one in real life. But little do most people know, possessing a fetish towards a whole group of people, blinding oneself with idol lies and obvious delusions as well as setting divisions and basically 'caste systems' by placing anything Korean at the top, next, anything Asian, then, the rest is simply unhealthy and comes with more downs than there are ups.
“That is just the way with some people. They get down on a thing when they don’t know nothing about it.” ― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Music is not a representation of a whole population.
These idols are simply pawns to a chess game--easily manipulated and following all orders given without question or retort. None of their actions--and sometimes none of their facial features--are the same of how they truly act, a camera being on them almost every waking hour of every single day and a smile which never seems to touch their eyes (meaning it's a fake one) always in place. For people to judge the idols' daily actions, thoughts and personalities through variety shows, music videos and everywhere else that glorifies them and comes with a check with their name on it, them, believing that 'everything is what it seems' is truly ignorance. And with a country that has a rate of one in five women and one in twenty men going under the knife, for people to believe that all the inhabitants are perfect walking replicas of Girls' Generation's Yoona or Miss A's Suzy is absurd.
Think of if other countries generalized your own country as such, using only the celebrities as a go-to and not even trying to get to know the culture. Being that most readers reside in United States, would you like it if a Nepalese person thought everyone was Miley Cyrus from watching the We Can't Stop music video? What about if we were all Kim Kardashians and had asses as big as our heads and named our children after directions? Or how about we all twerked our way into infinity and beyond, our shame off our minds but rather, the new Nicki Minaj sound there being that of course, we all look like her? 

Is that even realistic?

Then why treat Koreans as if it is? All people are different no matter where you go, collectivism not even taking a part in this and rather, their own self. Not everyone will be as pretty Song Ji Hyo, as funny as Jung Juri or as talented as whoever the hell you were listening to last (if of course, they are talented to begin with).

You are too high on your fangirl fairy dust.
As much as I like K-Pop, it's a dreadful thing to anyone who's both physically and mentally prepubescent and gullible. The children who believe in fairy-tales, unicorns and when they reached the age of thirteen, just found out that Santa Claus was actually a hoax. The fetish is getting to be too much, people basically creating a bit of a bias and forming a subtle racism as if people are not good enough until they are of this specific ethnicity. It's stupid--in fact, to harshly put it in terms, it's pathetic. There's a big difference between celebrities that's seen on your computer screen and simple, innocent citizens who are clumped into a large group because of a bunch of idols who they are far from being like.

Finally, there's nothing truly wrong with liking idols but when the thought comes to mind that marrying a Korean person will end all your pain, stop world hunger and of course, ensure your life of a long, happy marriage because of the every Korean person is perfect, that's crossing the invisible line. Korean pop is not an accurate depiction of Korea, oppar and unnir are not accurate depictions of Korean men and women and that plastic monster hanging outside your window...? She's not an accurate depiction of beauty anywhere.

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