Posted by : KPopRanter November 30, 2013

 [better late than never]

In this day in age, we never know how good something is until it's gone. Whether it's having a cell phone, a new hat, Internet or... Tumblr, we always take advantage of it, thinking that it's forever there but never realize the importance of it until it's gone. To cut into what I was saying, to remind everyone for five days, K-Pop Ranter is releasing an article each day giving thanks to just some part of K-Pop. It's day three out of the five and yesterday, I made the perfect Thanksgiving menu featuring K-Pop idols which you can check out here along with the first day's one which celebrates Nation's Taylor Swifts. Wondering what today is? It's the day to give thanks to one of the most awesome websites on the planet, Tumblr, which compiles pictures, gifs and videos of everything yet nothing... and I'm putting my faves that I found on this amazing site.

Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures.


U-Kiss: the fandom everyone forgets


How to offend 4 kpop fandoms in one post.

I’m literally crying.
I still can't stop laughing at this.

She's starting to look kinda like Boram tbh

Too cute to not add

I've never been so sexually frustrated

I would definitely buy this. Definitely.

I'm done with this fandom. Done.

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