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As a female, I love hair and I hate hair. I love my hair when I wake up in the morning and it needs little to no work done for me to look amazing. I hate my hair when I wake up in the morning looking like I just got gangbanged by Elmo and the Sesame Street bunch and have to either spend forever in front of the mirror trying to make it somewhat decent or I just say 'fuck it!' and throw my hair in a ponytail or messy bun since I don't really give a damn. Regardless, I think hair is just a beautiful thing. And when you see females in K-Pop throw their hair everywhere, showing you how much better looking (yet worse in quality) hair they have, you get a bit... into hair. And that's why, as a female, I stress again, I feel like it's definitely appropriate to talk about hair especially being the fact that I'm getting it cut in about an hour.

Short Hair

If you have short hair, you're most likely a rapper in the group. Of course, though there are some rappers who have had long hair for the majority or all of their careers (SISTAR's Bora, SECRET's Zinger/Jung Hana--weird how they're bad rappers... coincidence? I think not!), the rapper takes on the role of being the tomboy in the group... whether or not they actually are a tomboy in real life. In addition to the short hair being for the rapper, there's also a medium-short hair style that can most of the time show off the wearer's feminine side like Girls' Generation's Yoona or 2NE1's Minzy. [Warning: This is dangerously short and shouldn't be used by anyone whatsoever, sorry Minzy.]

Medium Length

The medium hairstyle is when you just want to keep it cool and look modest. There's no sexiness, there's no tomboyness... it's kinda like being trapped in a bubble so to say. Girls like YoonA and Sooyoung always rock the medium length hairstyle since they don't want to weigh too much on the super sexy or too much on the super cute side and would rather just go with wherever the new concept takes them. Regardless, the medium length hairstyle is kind of like a safety net for the girl group member as you will rarely ever see a medium lengther be one of the most talented in the group however, maybe the most pretty and most suitable for any concept.

Lengthening to add cuteness. I bet if she cut
it a few inches, she'd be sexier than in this gif
Long Length

Long live long length hair! That shit is a mess to take care of! Most of the girls with the longest hair in the group happen to be the cuter characters since it shows off more of a feminine and young side than both short and long hair can help you achieve. This is why you don't see groups with older/aging members wearing long hair being the fact that it shows youth... but youth + old woman would definitely equal lack of maturity. Regardless, long hair usually doesn't last long because most concepts change to either a sexier concept or simply the girl just isn't as young as she used to be therefore, the company cutting the hair a few extra inches to commonly match the medium length hair. Nevertheless, sometimes aging idols who still look young will inherit the long length hairstyle to add youth to their look.

Other Hairstyles

I've also noticed that crazy hair, for example, 2NE1's Dara can show one of two things:

1) Possibly the concept isn't necessarily going for the normal or cutesy concept where girls wear plain hairstyles which show youth. If you've noticed, more of 2NE1's sad-ish songs which are ballads show Dara with calm, normal hair however, their more bombastic tracks like I'm the Best show Dara with the craziest hair possible. It's not exactly masculine however, it's not exactly sexy. It's more of a fierce statement saying "I can do whatever I fucking want".

2) Experimentation which is probably half of Dara's hairstyles. Dara's a pretty girl, of course and having bad hair will only bring her down a bit. With 2NE1's more crazy concepts, she wears more crazy hair to experiment and to show the degree of craziness of the concept.


Colors can also make or break a girl: colors that are more natural are usually for concepts that are either sexy, mature or towards the masculine side, colors like red trying to create an image of sexiness altogether (for example, Tiffany's red hair... unf) while the colors that are all over the place, unnatural and are shades like green, pink, blue, etc. try to show a more young side to the wearer and can also add cuteness (think T-ara's Qri and her never-ending rainbow). 

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  1. who's the girl in the long length gif?? she's really pretty!

  2. Believe it or not, Crayon Pop's Ellin

    She's been my girl crush 5ever

  3. Sorry, I couldn't stop laughing at the part about Zinger.


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