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Fail after fail, these idol companies don't get it. Since out of the womb. the money-hungry fiends called "CEO"s have had their eyes set on the prize: United States of Amurrica, think that antic after antic can set their idol group to the top of the world's largest music market when time and time again, they fail. I mean, there was Oppan Gangnam PSY who seemingly ruled the world to YG Entertainment only to be cut down in despair when he took the same ol' funny, hahaha, "rook et pat ay-zee-ahn boi dawnce!" route with tips on becoming a Gentleman and no one gave two fucks about it. Nonetheless, entertainment companies still won't listen: skyrocketing success in America is nearly impossible to obtain... so why is YG Entertainment building YG Land in the abyss called "United States"?

As said by special YG representatives who have more things to do than sit on their fat ass and blog (me) or sit on their fatter ass and read the blog (you), YG Land will consist of the usual entetainment company blunder: recording studio, dance practice room, people in intimidating suits with intimidating moustaches to rule over all, bathrooms. Just like YG Mother Ship back in good ol, SK. 

But why?

Is YG Entertainment planning to pull a JAY. WHY PEE? over here and fuck up 2NE1 while sending Big Bang, WINNER and the rest of their groups downhill? As numerous people already reiterated over and over, Amurricans ain't gonna poot down their guns (I live in the South, y'all), stop eating their McDonald's, and give two fucks about guys in tight clothing dance and sing while not even speaking English correctly. Hell, we barely care about One Direction and they speak sexy, British English, only pre-pubescent "tweens" shitting their pants over Niall and Liam's fanfiction.

So why care for YG's plan in YG Land? 

Can you think of a reason? If you can't, you're like 99% of the population today who wish YG'd manage their own artists... before venturing out for more.

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  1. Don't forget that YG already failed with Seven when he sent him over here.

  2. Not caring about One Direction? I wish I could say the same; but they're seemingly popular here. Expanding outside the tween age range. This whole article is generalizing.

  3. How is this article generalizing--it's more like just exaggerating. I know the extent of group's holds in many places.
    And obviously, the analogy to One Direction was exaggerating however, there is truth to it. It's like EXO. Many people know EXO in Korea and they have a HUGE fan base... but most people hate them or don't care about what they do. They're expanding outside the "tween" range but for the most part, it's only young people who like EXO just like One Direction.

    If you're a Directioner, sorry to burst your bubble. But it's true. Their songs could be catchy but most don't really like or are nonchalant about what 1D does.

  4. I want to tell Koreans that not all Americans act like stereotypical Southerners, and not all Southerners are gun-totters. So stop.

  5. Can you not fathom the joke?

    I'm actually a citizen of the United States of America. Likewise, I live in the South.

    If I made the joke while being in this position and you can't take the joke, that's the real comedy.

  6. My point precisely. But you didn't get it. It's fine.


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