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Comment-ception is back! If you haven't read my article decoding female K-Pop idols' hairstyles, you should probably spend your time looking at that, being that I spent a long time trying to analyze female hairstyles because there are just so many idols to pay attention to and to put in one group according to individual concept.

Regardless, I saw a comment on that article by a person named Carly questioning the gif located to the left of this text, the comment asking this:
who's the girl in the long length gif?? she's really pretty!

First off, Carly, in my house, you fucking capitalize the beginning of your sentences. Second off, Carly, the girl in the gif, as noted already in a reply to your comment is none other than Crayon Pop's fabulous Ellin, a girl who has been kind of cockblocked by Crayon Pop and their agency, Chrome Entertainment, though she's hands-down the prettiest in the group.

But because I was so happy that someone finally took an interest in this beautiful little thing, I just thought that I might as well have an article just dedicated to how glorious this creature is, Ellin, being by bae (before anyone else) of the week (Sorry, Girls' Generation's Tiffany, it's not you, it's... wait, no, it is you) and deserving a whole article just surrounding her.

To Carly as well as anyone else interested in beautiful people
Her birth name is Kim Min Young, she's 24 years old and I'm not going to lie, she's not exactly in the group because she's extremely talented... but I won't hold that against her. I'm also not going to lie again and pretend I know a lot about her. I really don't except that she's pretty... and she cusses a lot (thanks, Google!). However, since I'm not going to let that penalize me, here's some gifs of Ellin:

"I gotta go poop"
"yes, it hurts"
"if it hurts, it's a hard poop"

This girl thinks she's slick
it's like she's checking the elasticity of someone's balls by yanking at them

You already know if I make an article about just one single person, that person is really special since I haven't done this with anyone... not even my bias Bang Yong Guk or Tiffany or Park Bom so you should check her out. Long live, queen Ellin.

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  1. Lol didn't recognize her without the helmet, thanks for introducing me to what a goddess Ellin is bareheaded :)

  2. *fixed my capitalization*

  3. Good, peasant!

    (you know I'm just kidding, doe)

  4. Long live Crayon Pop! Ellin is hilarious from their Crayon Pop TVshow, but I ride for Choa, she is a G.

  5. Is that Nada in your profile picture if it is I will trade you 1/3 of my soul to be my best friend because I am definitely a WASSUP mafia fan

  6. YASSSSSS! Nada gives NO FUCKS! I love that girl.


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