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I've said before and I'll say it again: K-Pop is not what it used to be. With the flooding girl groups releasing sexier and sexier comebacks, new boy groups releasing masculine/I'll bash your head open type songs and all groups just fading in the background, there seems to me to be little to no groups that can stay standing passed the disbandment of the current top tier idols.

Companies are the true culprit as to why K-Pop itself is losing its sheen and dying down, most craving money and realizing that people will buy anything that's given to them will put out music lower than the quality it used to be. Although JYP Entertainment seems to be the only company that's relieved of this being that they have fallen from the top-tier of companies yet still constantly release never less than good quality songs even though their groups are either promoted terribly or not managed correctly, with JYP's new pride, Sunmi as seemingly the only one who does not fall victim to the JYP effect. Nonetheless, in JYP Entertainment's case, I feel like if they don't push their acts which still have some life left in them instead of just leaving them on the back burner to die like they did Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment will only have Sunmi.. and Suzy to rely on. Regardless, JYP Entertainment is not the biggest offender as to why K-Pop has been losing its flavor in music quality and therefore cannot be discussed as much.

SM Entertainment is definitely the most guilty of releasing low quality songs, I think most of their jumbo roughly starting around 2011 with the release of The Boys which was undoubtedly a bad promotional track when comparing previous others like Hoot, Run Devil Run and of course, The Boys, was reflected through digital sales, them supposedly not placing #1 with that song digitally ever. They focused on Japan more, specifically during the year of 2012, where they released songs of nothing less than decent quality to garner a larger fan base and of course, a bigger wallet, while leaving South Korea almost literally empty-handed. During that time, of course, was when Super Junior were reaching the point where we all can proclaim 'basically over', their members reaching their 30's, planning on entering the military if not in already and simply just getting out of the eyes of Koreans. I'd likely say only BoA and TVXQ remained at the same level while SM Entertainment's biggest groups, SNSD and Super Junior, f(x) and SHINee seemed forgotten or neglected. EXO debuted, of course, definitely confirming that Super Junior was shafted yet, them, not actually proving themselves with their debut more-or-less due to the already dwindling Korean market. EXO truly only appealed themselves to already-have-been SM stans and some international fans. With that being said, at the beginning of 2013, Girls' Generation released their song I Got a Boy which not only was their worst title track ever quality-wise, but also sold terribly compared to how supposedly popular they are, being outsold digitally by SISTAR19, 4Minute, new artist Roy Kim and nearly outsold by Akdong Musician if just speaking of 2013 but if speaking of within top acts, apparently was outsold by TaeTiSeo, Lee Hi, Big Bang and even Miss A. Their newest track, Mr. Mr, also did not prevail and is still not ranked as high as others wished it to be.

Though most SONEs will deny the obvious fact, Girls' Generation has been falling from their throne for some time now, their height being back in 2009 with Gee. Apparently, netizens as well as Girls' Generation's Tiffany even hint that because of the fact that Girls' Generation's age and time in the industry is a huge factor as I said in a previous post, the netizen comment
10. [+103, -31] I'm a guy and I'm losing interest in SNSD with each release. I think they're losing their worth as a product... And they're 25 years old now, their name's a bit of a mismatch.
and Tiffany revealing on SBS's last episode of Strong Heart:
...Tiffany said that the time to keep a girl’s dignity has come. “People keep telling us not to use the word ‘girls.’ The average age of the members is 24.5 years.”

Tiffany added that during music show recordings, fans watch the SNSD members quietly out of respect, but when other girl groups appear, the fans go wild.

“We’re still cute and bright, but they watch us like we’re elderly,”
Ultimately, because I feel as if since Girls' Generation's expiration date is around 2 years at most and since and as said before, SM Entertainment is most likely fucked when they disband, SM Entertainment's continuous let-me-down by releasing tracks with aren't up to par with Girls' Generation's impact still remains a mystery why they don't try to cater to the fans more than to their pockets.

YG Entertainment faces a similar downfall, their quality of music going down gradually. Even though 2NE1 recently released an amazing new album which has numerous songs topping charts, they still aren't well with managing artists and therefore let's some of their best people die down. With the constant postponement of work only to release something different, YG Entertainment continues to disappoint. I feel like the real problem with this companies' music is not the SM Entertainment curse where they know they have fans that will eat the music up and therefore, release songs that are only two out of five stars, however, I feel like it's losing its sheen since there's typically Teddy producing songs which don't meet up to the public's standards. When 2NE1's CL composed, produced or became lyricist for most of the 2NE1's Crush album, there was basically a standing ovation for how beautiful the album came out. However, when Teddy attempts to create masterpieces, it always ends up south from expectations.

Likewise, as noted before, another big problem are the lies this company brings out and the constant disappointment. If they want to keep up their reputation and credibility, it would be best to do something as said once in a while.

Others try their best to mimick these three and their success and therefore, never really get to where they want to be. Realistically, the only groups I would see having a future after these groups reach their expiration date would have to be Girls' Day, Ladies' Code and arguably Crayon Pop as they climbed their way to the top or at least to a decent level with their own hard work, sweat and tears while still releasing up-to-par quality music. Different groups, however, such as STELLAR? You can only last a little time with an excessively raunchy concept. The public will either grow tired of it or expect more when you cannot possibly live up to those expectations.

Lastly, in my opinion as a relatively old Korean pop listener, I would have to admit that the quality of music has been going down. With that being said, it's already evident that the public is liking music that is not all Korean pop, Soyu and Junggigo topping charts for what seems like forever and even knocking down the two groups, Girls' Generation and 2NE1, in which we thought were invincible. If there isn't a change now, there will be demand for a change later.

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  1. I agree with you, I think the "big 3" are relaying too much on their visuals/money makers (Suzy, EXO, GD). The music quality is decreasing, less-popular members are being neglected and the popular ones are getting all the drama roles and solo albums. Lately, I'm getting more into k-electronic and k-hiphop because of that... Still have my hopes on groups like Crayon Pop and Spica who are either funny as shit or pure talent.

  2. These Korean people always disregard Super Junior, and I hate it. Maybe its because how we are always om variety shows. But what annoys me is this age thing!!
    Do you get less talented when you age? Do you stop singing well as you age? Do you stop being funny as you age?
    This is what is wrong with the Kpop industry. It is based too much on looks.
    But it doesnt matter how Korea views Super Junior. We international will stay with thm forever.
    But SM is a totally bull shit company, they didnt even put up advertisements and didnt even release an article when Mamacita got number 1 on billboard.
    Please review Super Junior Mamacita and give it lots of love!! :)

  3. Yeah, the fact is, Suju is more relevant among international fans than Korean fans. I remember in 2011, Leeteuk himself said they were already lost to newer groups in Korea (he said "we", I forget if he was talking about Suju or SM groups in general), that's why they choose to focus on international market, since Kpop fans outside Korea, obviously, still biased toward the big 3, when Korean ppl are familiar and open minded with all artists and idols.

    You said what's wrong with Kpop industry is it's based too much on looks. Ironically, that's what Suju sold when they just debuted. Not like DBSK5 who is much more popular with their quality music even with their visually attractive members, Suju was more popular with their looks, and dances. Now after the members are getting old, it's bcm obvious which fans like them bcs their looks only and which fans still loyal to them even when they are not as young as other idols. I, myself, choose to still keeping with them bcs even Siwon was the reason why I attratcted to Suju at the first place, nowadays I just feel his look is as ordinary as other members and I like Suju bcs I like them as a group.

    As long as the company and the FANS are mostly care for looks than real talents, idols will always have short life span (especially female groups). Especially SM, they have bad habit to kick the old ones out and focus on the younger ones, like what they did to Suju-EXO. Not many groups can survive like SHINWA, and Shinwa can survive bcs they choose to leave SM and stand on their own feet, using all talents they have.

  4. SPICA <333333333 Too bad, they are bcm "US oriented" too now..


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