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KARA fans had a field day with this.
It's been over a year since the release of Girls' Generation's I Got A Boy, and the girls have finally made their Korean comeback with their latest song Mr. Mr. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out below!

The Video
Theme/Story: There is some actual semblance of a story here seeing that lately SM Entertainment has been trying at least a teensy bit to spice up their box sets with something more interesting. There isn't much to be seen other than a bunch of close up shots but the whole video builds up to a moment where I'm assuming they replace a man's heart with a bedazzled one and tada, they now have the perfect man. 

Visuals: Pretty much all of the girls look great in this video. Even Hyoyeon somehow manages to look somewhat attractive in those half second close up shots we get of her. Though, that could be due to the purposeful glare and distortion of all the shots. The two that stood out the most to me, though, were Seohyun, who somehow manages to look like a beautiful porcelain doll, and Sunny, who is sporting long hair instead of the short, boyish haircuts.

Dance: The dance isn't too spectacular throughout a good portion of the video. Most of it is your basic Girls' Generation stuff with your generic step to the left and step to the right number. The pinching motion they make while singing "Mr. Mr." makes no sense to me. Maybe it has to do with Mr. Mr. and his cufflinks? Who knows. Either way, a better move could have been put in to replace that one. However, when you reach the breakdown it ventures into something slightly more advanced and complex.Then again it's kind of hard to judge the dance properly when the video doesn't focus fully on the dance and when you do see shots of the dance, you get weird close ups of some of the girls while they're dancing, distortion of the video, and erratic changes between dance shots and beauty shots.

The Song
I'm honestly torn as to whether I like the song. There are some aspects of it that I really do like and others that are a real turn off to the song. I like Taeyeon's vocals in the opening but I don't like that heavy electronic sound that accompanies it. Afterwards, it smooths out into a more dreamier sound that is rather pleasant until we reach the point where Jessica states "you bad bad bad boy you so bad" which kind of ruins the mood a little. Then we have the chorus, which I'm really impartial to. It's not terrible, just not outstanding. When we get to the point after the breakdown (which could have been left out of the song but didn't ruin it either), the song begins to sound very disorganized and what is supposed to be the climax of the song sounds more like a jumbled mess.

Overall, the song isn't as bad as I Got a Boy but it certainly isn't as good as major hits they've released in the past. 

So what do you think of the song? Do you think it could use some improvements too? Comment below!

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  1. the video was a mess too much editing and "artistic shots" i wish i could see the original video, losing that data probably cost SM allot of money


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