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Taeyeon. The main vocalist of South Korea's national girl group, Girls' Generation, is undoubtedly one of my Woman Crush Wednesday picks. However, for the past year (or even more) I have always been kind of scared for Taeyeon and sad, her, barely ever even smiling regardless of the situation, always saying somewhat morbid things that SONEs usually pass by as just another 'Taeyeon thing' (like Onew Condition... oh gosh, I remember the time I was so deep in the SHINee fandom I could barely get out) and never really bringing up the problem that this girl actually doesn't look so... happy anymore.

This issue came up to me around the I Got a Boy era when Taeyeon outwardly admitted her depression, saying this on KBS 2TV's Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook:

“After my schedule is finish, I return home and feel lonely and empty inside. I don’t know what to do about it,” she remarked.
Despite her apparent depression, she also revealed that unlike most of her other group mates, she hasn’t cried recently, suggesting that she has been keeping many of her feelings to herself until now.
as well as fellow Girls' Generation member, Sunny, on Radio Star saying this about Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's recurring depression:
"I wish Taeyeon would stop [getting wrapped up in her] depression. I'd like it if you would stop listening to sad music and putting yourself in a corner when you already don't feel good. When you're feeling down, come to me. I'll make you [a soju-beef cocktail], and I'll sing happy songs for you and do cute things."

Most people have been brushing the obvious signs of Taeyeon's unhappiness as if it is nothing. Not only did she outwardly admit it up there, but you can also see her sadness through music videos, pictures and recordings of shows, Taeyeon having a blank and nearly dead face when she was lip-syncing her parts on the more recent Mr. Mr music video, on the Mr. Mr M! Countdown performance, unlike her fellow group mates who may have lacked smiles yet had an obvious enthusiasm when they tried to act fierce, Taeyeon still wore that blank face like it was a tampon, and of course, the more memorable, Katy Perry photos taken with Girls' Generation, in both Taeyeon wears a blank, dull face similar to that in almost all of the photos that are taken of her other than her Instagram photos.

Depression is a serious issue and I can really just imagine a shit load of SONEs reading this thinking things like "Taeyeon's not depressed! You're just jealous!!11" because of course, "angels" cannot be sad and instead are always happy without even realizing the severity of this issue. I don't even think this is just a "phase" or maybe Taeyeon is just "sad' temporarily. I have noticed this for an elongated period of time and this girl just seems like her hiding of feelings and never crying is just putting more weight on her shoulders. It looks like now she's just going along just because she has to not because she wants to and I'm almost positive that there's something more than just what Taeyeon brings to the table.

It surely can't be just be thinking this. Does anyone else notice the oddness in Taeyeon's behavior? Place your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. I noticed that too. She's not as jolly as she was before. I also noticed that the smiley-smiley-taeyeon is gone. She's having the Mong face recently -in pictorials, and even performances.

  2. more money more problems

  3. omf I am laughing too much for this early in the morning.

  4. I'm seeing this late (Have discovered your web today) but i can confirm something strange is happening to her. In netizen buzz they criticised Taeyeon for staying quiet and not reacting to others all the time on "Radio Star".

    Recently I watched the last episode of "Hello counselor" on KBS world channel on youtube that had Taeyeon as guest. It's not a program for the guest to show off but in anyways she was blank and like in another world most of the times. I pointed in comments of the video that she might not be the most variety person of SNSD and should maybe hand over to another more extrovert member this things and some SONE's responded me like I was attacking her (I don't care about her and I'm not a fan or hater of any group) and saying that it was because of the editing (ya, like the show can afford airing for 6 fucking straight hours just to put all her reactions)

  5. It's so sad to see idols lose their passion after spending years in the industry. But it's also understandable, what with the horrible pressure the public puts on them to be perfect, and the amount of work their labels force on them, especially companies like SM. I'm not a SONE, but it makes me just as sad to see Taeyeon unhappy. I hope she'd get some help and get better soon... depression is horrible.

  6. I don't think she has the time to get treatment for it and chances of her depression going away permanently is low...the hate comments could deepen her depression even further.

  7. It might be bcs of the work load, it might be bcs of personal problem, or bcs she was bored etc, but since she said she feel empty, maybe bcs she wanted to bcm real artist, aka singing the song she really want to sing, expressing herself, etc. If she has this real artist identity inside of her, I'm sure she want, even for once, show the public what kind of person (artist) she is, and not just being "SM's singing robot with SM's songs and with SM's identity".


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