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After Gentleman, I gave PSY the benefit of the doubt to deliver one more awesome song that is comparable to Gangnam Style. I mean, Gentleman wasn't that bad but was obviously worse than Gangnam Style therefore, ol' PSY oppar still has some juice left to concoct a memorable, amazing, fucktastic song that promotes Korean culture and makes me less ashamed to admit that I am a Korean Pop fan to my narrow-minded peers, right? 


Wasting the second chance (I'm giving him three, his new single entitled 'Daddy' said to come out within the next few months), PSY featuring ol' Snoop Lion (more like Snoop Lion featuring ol' PSY, to be honest) released a boring, mundane, mainstream and less entertaining song than the previous two, PSY falling to rock bottom while he's trying to meet the expectations reached with Gangnam Style and no longer deserving my defensive pleas against said 'haters'. If you want to watch the trainwreck of a song, go ahead, it's right below. However, I don't advise anyone who wants to keep their ears intact to listen to this... mess.

Realistically, I'd give the unfunny music video some slack if it was accompanied by a fun song and vice-versa, however, I can't even slide in some pity slack. This was a waste of time. 

I thought it was PSY's comeback. Not Snoop Doop's. Regardless, no one took interest in whoever's song it was being that Snoop sang/rapped/basically talked the lines of the verse and PSY only basically took over the chorus, the exact opposite of the smashing American hit that is my guilty pleasure entitled Fancy, with Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX however, Charli XCX rightfully being the featuring artist therefore only getting the chorus while Iggy took over the verses.

Wet PSY is becoming a bit dry in comedy

The music video rightfully portrayed Korean drinking culture however, and that's the only applaud I can give to this shameful piece of shame even though it did anger some Korean citizens, blinded by the pure facts that they're reckless when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. However, it added a bit of a more American hint to it, the video, somewhat reminding me of Trey Songz's Bottoms Up in meaning and going into the large pile of mainstream songs.

The only memorable part of this? 'Hangover, hangover, hangover, hangover-over-over~'. I'm not even going to mention the bend over they tack on to the end of the only good part of this song (kind of like Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, the memorable parts outweighing the disgusting parts) because that's a whole other rant that I can go on for days about, including the new trend for American pop/rap artists to include the phrases relating to 'If yo girl don't swallow kids, man, that ho basic' (that's Juicy J and his basic ass for you) in which girls are simply objects.

Nonetheless, ol' Psyduck tried. But he failed. I mean, I'm not exactly against PSY because I mean, he is spreading culture around for eevryone but I wish that he didn't try so hard. Try a different concept for once, dammit! I suggest something a bit more slow because these dance pop songs just aren't working for you anymore, ol' buddy. Likewise, to sum, I believe that this has got to be one of PSY's worse songs and the viralness of this video is... undetermined.

What did you think of Hangover? Loved it? Hated it? Comment below and tell the reasons why you loved/hated it! Also, vote on the poll below.

PSY's Hangover. Opinions?

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