Posted by : KPopRanter November 16, 2012

SPICA is coming back with a new song called Lonely. Watch the teaser below:

In all honesty, I am ecstatic that SPICA is having another comeback, with SPICA being hands down my favorite rookie group of 2012, I can say proudly I am a dedicated MERCURY (i.e SPICA's official fan club name). 

When watching the SPICA teaser for Lonely, in the beginning I was pleased. The concept was dark and eery and was by no means disappointing. However, as I got further and further into the teaser, I began to see the obvious similarities and guess what the choreographer had on his mind as he was making the dance.

SISTAR - Alone

The most obvious parts of the dance were sexy leg-lift and the raunchy butt-twists, visible in both SISTAR's Alone and SPICA's Lonely Teaser. Though, on YouTube, most MERCURY's are defending SPICA to the end, you can't help but admit that the dance has pretty damn similar elements... and now that I think about it, the song titles are almost the same, as well as the outfits.

Although I like SPICA more than I like SISTAR, I have to say that I am disappointed with the them... or at least whoever made their comeback Lonely even though they haven't even released their full music video yet. I'm hoping that though the teaser was misleading, the video and song makes up for the odd comparison.

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