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2012 was a glorious year for YG Entertainment. PSY became a global super star, Lee Hi beat the charts for a consecutive 2 times and counting, Epik High had a very special reunion with an amazing album released as a "welcome Back" present, Big Bang came back with their STILL ALIVE album which topped charts, calmed anxious V.I.P's ears down and gave the K-Pop fandom something new to jam to as well as had a world tour with their sister group 2NE1, raking in money unimaginable to other groups who would even attempt this greatness that had taken place and proving their international popularity to everyone and anyone. YG Entertainment even surpassed SM Entertainment in revenue ranking, their stocks beating SM Entertainment just enough that boastful YG fans could proudly declare they were victorious and butt-hurt SM fans could retaliate with any excuse known to man as to why SM Entertainment became 2nd in line and YG Entertainment became first.

However, though 2012 was arguably YG Entertainment's most successful year, there was 

snsdsomething missing from the formula of achievements that has been neglected for the whole year and set idle... and that something was 2NE1. Though 2NE1 did release a single "I Love You" earlier this year, one must wonder, because of YG Entertainment's success in 2012, what would happen if 2NE1 actually did make a comeback?There could be numerous answers and opinions to this question, however my relatively "high-in-the-clouds" and "out-of-this-world" theory would be: 2NE1 would take over Korea and be close to if not already number 1 girl group.

Yes, this seems a bit too strange, however, if one takes a look in the history of K-Pop, youwgwould know that something like this has happened before, not too long ago. In fact, the very popular girl groups Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation made the ol' switch-a-roo in 2009. Wonder Girls, debuting in 2007 with their song Irony however gaining a lot of popularity with Nobody, were once the number 1 girl group in Korea. However, due to their prolonged inactivity and primary change from Korean audience to American audience, their reigning position as South Korea's pride and joy was taken away and replaced with Girls Generation, (debuting in 2007, however only becoming relevant in 2009 with Gee) as the Queens of Korea. Although this was years ago, what had happened is parallel to what is/has happened in 2012. Girls' Generation did not make a Korean comeback throughout the whole year of 2012 and has turned their attention from Korea to Japan and partially America where they made 5 music videos and 1 album in Japan, however not even a simple single in Korea. In fact, the neglect of Korea started in 2011 when Girls Generation released only 1 Korean album The Boys and took their turn in America with a maxi-single of the much-disliked-by-SONEs-and-everyone-else English version of the song and a horribly pronounced Japanese version of the song as well as more Japanese videos and comebacks and bad American promotion.

Through this prolonged (more than 2 years) inactivity, 2NE1 could have easily even attempted the trick that Girls' Generation pulled in 2009 and released more than 1 song and album (like with Gee and Tell Me Your Wish), increasing promotion to pull in the audience, releasing songs as bombastic as I'm the Best and as slow as Lonely. However, alongside Girls' Generation prolonged Korean hiatus, 2NE1 also took this year to take a seemingly indefinite hiatus as well and release 2 non-chart topping Japanese songs, 1 song for INTEL's Ultrabook and another song in which was supposed to be their title track for their album in July, however was delayed for so long, one would have to think twice before being full of pity for YG Entertainment for their constant delays.

In conclusion, though seeming unreachable to some, to others, this may seem realistic. 2NE1 is already the number 2 girl group in Korea and only needs move up another step to reach the top. And even though 2012 was a great year for YG Entertainment as a whole, it can be even at the least thought of that it could have been much better if 2NE1 had tried harder and maybe even became number 1.

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  1. who are you ?? just a blogger.
    it is only your thought, not a fact.

    1. Who are you? Just a reader?
      Obviously, if you read more thoroughly you would see that I stated that many times.

  2. Totally agree with you authornim. I seriously don't understand YG. Only 1 song in a year? argh! somebody need to slap yg's face hard to wake him up!!!!

    1. Agreed. He did everything for everyone else in YG however he forgot about one of his biggest groups.
      I bet YG is facepalming right now at the waste of a good year. He could have made more money than he's already making this year with 2NE1.


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