Posted by : KPopRanter November 14, 2012

Recently, Shinhwa's Junjin and SPICA's Joohyun had been dating for more than half a year before calling it quits. 

Okay, let me just decode this for a second.

Junjin from Shinhwa is a veteran idol of 35 years old.
Joohyun is rookie idol 26 means the two are 9 whole years apart.
 Junjin isn't under a company right now so who confirmed this? Only B2M Entertainment?
The most important one, SPICA are going to have a comeback soon...

 Doesn't this whole relationship seem a bit... odd?

The other funny thing is that their entertainment company released the news that they were dating around SPICA's last comeback and now, they're releasing another article around their upcoming comeback that they're done for when in retrospect, not many people even cared in the first place!

Shameless promotion?

  And even when Jun Jin said that he would never date publicly again not that long ago but got himself into a public dating scandal with rookie in which is almost 10 years younger than him makes it obvious that this relationship is just for Joohyun's popularity... and I'm actually a bit disappointed in Junjin for letting himself be dragged into such a stupid scandal.

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