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Though having fierce yet awkward debut just one month ago, Lee Hi ditched her exclusive variant of edginess and adopt a slower and more mellow mood in her comeback "Scarecrow".
I must admit, when I first listened to this song, I was shocked due to my previous anticipation of a single parallel to that of 1,2,3,4, my prediction of a boisterous tune being proven wrong. Nevertheless, this song was brilliant. The gradualness and softness of the song was flawless and the lyrics of the song were commensurable and tied in to the slow beat. The chorus, accompanied by YG's soon-to-be girl group, was flawless and meaningful, giving the song a subtle boost from it's melancholy feel.
In spite of the great song, I always have to list the negatives. This song doesn't have a music video for starters... maybe it will come with patience or maybe it will not come at all and doesn't give the viewer a visual image of what the song is about for the singer, Lee Hi, which causes it lack overall connection to the singer and the song. In addition to the lack of the music video, this song is not original and instead was prepared for YG's beautiful and vocally talented main singer of 2NE1, Park Bom, by Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment. Though it seems like not a big deal, it gives some annotation to a fan of Lee Hi that this comeback wasn't at the least prepared for and instead was just reused.
Although Lee Hi's smooth vocals captured the song's essence, this comeback was in no means prepared or thought of for more than a few seconds my YG Entertainment, which fails to surprise me due to YG's horrible scheduling of comebacks. YG Entertainment's new and popular singer, Lee Hi, certainly deserves better than just a reused song without a proper video to accompanied by it.

Do you agree with this? Voice your opinion of Lee Hi on the comment section! Also, happy thanksgiving!

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