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Watch Juniel Bad Man below:

Before starting, I would like to note that Juniel is an amazing vocalist. Compared to IU frequently, she's an artist residing in FNC Entertainment (home of big name groups like FT Island and CN Blue) and wrote 3 songs of the mini-album "1&1" proving herself not only a vocally-talented rookie soloist but also a potentially successful female artist.

The song:
Proving her vocals, Juniel sang beautifully however knowingly in the song Bad Man. The soft beat of the song flowing smoothly and intangibly with Juniel's voice, creating a mixed feeling of somewhat regret and naivete that shaped the song perfectly. In addition to her vocals, the song's lyrics contained the elements of meaning and regret with a small twist of vengeance to add to Juniel's obvious hatred for the supposed "Bad Man" she is referring to repeatedly.

The video:
However, passed the good parts of the song, I cannot seem to understand the true meaning of the video. Of course, there were noticeable and obvious elements of symbolism and tying back to the song's lyrics, however the video wasn't truly anything to be proud of. There was no real meaning nor story line present in the video and instead was mostly Juniel playing on her guitar while wearing either the same expression or a horribly-acted expression and not giving even the slightest bit of a connection back to what is supposed to be a letter showing her hatred for the bad man who did her wrong. It doesn't even show the man in the video and just led me into the same boredom that I experience from watching music videos without a good or even present story and doesn't leave an impact on me as the viewer to even think of Juniel as more than just another artist who debuted in 2012 in which I would put of to the side and forget about whether or not she was talented. However, if the video was someone story-based and holding a commensurable meaning to the song, Juniel's title track music video and song combo "Bad Man" would be impeccable.

In conclusion, this video's song was amazing. Though pop-like and slow, it maintained a sensual and entertaining mood throughout which makes it worthy of spending my earnings just to download this song on iTunes. Yet, the music video was hopeless and uninteresting, lacking meaning and connection and failing to tie back to the overall main point of getting back on someone who did her wrong which just makes this actually great comeback turn to just a good one.

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