Posted by : KPopRanter November 21, 2012

When first hearing the exciting news, I stared at my computer screen in shock. Not because of the new, shocking couple being just recently announced to the public, but more so because 1, I haven't heard of Hwayoung in what seems like a good while and this seems to be more of teaser if one wants to call it of Hwayoung getting back into the minds of K-Pop fans and 2, because Zico and Hwayoung don't even seem to match each other other than the fact that their ages are nearly identical.

In all honesty, this pairing consists of the two people in which I would least expect to even have some sort of relation with each other whether it was for love or just a simple friendship and it seems strange that these two had gotten together and released it publicly without even a trace of evidence that these two were actually together. In fact, neither of their companies and/or close friends or family released this and instead a supposed employee from Stardom Entertainment, the company who denied the alleged rumors when asked by allkpop previous to this scandal being public, who wished to remain anonymous released it without even a picture or a conversation between the two for proof that these two are actually a true couple and not just another dating rumor that allkpop spread parallel to the L.Joe dating rumor. 
I'm can only predict that in merely hours, Stardom Entertainment will release a statement on this rumor saying it's not true... or maybe, shock me again and say it is.

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  1. I think it would make sense honestly. I can see CCM kicking her out because of this. Also Zicos brother was in Co-ED with Hwayoungs sister.

    1. Could be.
      We'll never know unless Hwayoung, Brand New Stardom Entertainment or Zico says something.
      I'm choosing to longer believe "Anonymous sources" since the T-ara scandal happened.


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