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T-ara's Soyeon was caught in another scandal, this time through KakaoTalk with D-Day Sua and actress Yoon Ee Na.

Translated by allkpop, the whole situation started when Soyeon saw Sua wearing the same brand named Kenzo shirt that she wore, the conversation went down like this:

Soyeon - “Because these days that unni wears all the Kenzo… I can’t wear it, I won’t wear it.”
Sua - “That unni? Then should I take it off?” 
Yoon Ee Na -  “Do you mean Stitch? Keke”
Sua - “Angry Stitch?” 
Yoon Ee - “Old Stitch”.
Sua - “Kekekekekeke even old???” 
Yoon Ee Na -  “Kekeke You can see a lot of wrinkles..” 
Soyeon - “Daebak Stitch kekekeke”.
Yoon Ee Na - “But you know, I don’t think Stitch brushes her teeth.” 
The conversation then moved onto the topic of ‘Stitch’s wedding and the girls asking one another if they were going.

People assume that they were talking about actress "Yoon Eun Hye", Soyeon and the rest receiving attention, criticism and hate for their joke.

At first when seeing this article, I was rolling my eyes. It was yet another controversy from a member in T-ara, digging their grave even farther in the shit hole. Then after analyzing the situation and the comments, I came to realize two things:

1) this is nothing but just common joking with friends, so I don't understand why people are flipping tables because of it. Of course, it's bad to talk about other people but don't we all do the same thing? Even with them being celebrities and all, can we all really predict who Stitch actually is? Is this actually a bad situation or is it just bad because the T-ara member, Soyeon, was participating in it?

2) Soyeon said nothing really bad, in honesty. After I analyzed the revealed conversation, it seemed like actress Yoon Ee Na and Sua were throwing most of the shit about "Stitch" in the chat. In addition, Soyeon was the person who said the only nice adjective accompanying Stitch, which is "Daebak", meaning great in Korean. So even if she was being sarcastic about the word choice, can we all truly know just by looking at it? Can we all just assume that T-ara Soyeon is simply just a hater of this supposed "Stitch" and does nothing else in her life but to belittle people--starting at Hwayoung and now this "Stitch".

Though, I somewhat lost my interest in T-ara after the bullying scandal occurred, I have to say the only reason why this has became top news was because T-ara member, Soyeon, was involved. After the whole "bullying" controversy with Hwayoung, it seems like everything that T-ara does that is just somewhat out of the ordinary, it has to come with an explanation. In fact, I would bet if Soyeon was replaced with someone else in this whole ordeal, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Soyeon didn't do much either way you look at it, so why bother make a big deal over her calling Stitch "daebak"? 
To conclude, this whole conflict is nothing but an after effect of the whole T-ara Hwayoung scandal and in time, it seems like this will either be debunked by Core Contents Media or just dissolve into nothingness and only be a remnant of our imagination.

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  1. well "gossip girls " wanted gossip, so here you go.


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