Posted by : KPopRanter March 08, 2013

As time passes, K-Pop Ranter becomes more and more popular... and with more popularity, comes the need for more staff... because with this site, we need not only more frequent posts, but also posts from different and even opposing opinions when dealing with certain topics.

So, we're looking for more writers, ranters, reviewers and even people who are experienced in geeky  difficult things pertaining to technical maintenance like designing websites.

If you're interested, it would be great if you were experienced in the area of writing blogs, yourself, however, not everyone is so it would just be as good if you speak English, are up-to-date with K-Pop and are very opinionated. If you don't plan on being a permanent author and would just be interested in the occasional post or two when the time fits, guest author-ing is acceptable and still able to be applied for.


Email me at asking for more details.
P.S. we're always hiring staff, just right now, I wanted to post about it for more awareness. It's unpaid, too.

I just realized all these gifs are of male idols.
Here's some HyunA ass.

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