Posted by : KPopRanter March 08, 2013

PSY won't be a global superstar. He'll come back with a song at the set debut date (something new for YG) but his song won't match up to Gangnam Style.
On top of that, he'll be seen as a try-hard.

Girls' Generation will come back and inevitably top the charts because of their status... The song will be good but not something "original" so to say.

IU's career will slowly begin to melt away. She'll continue to try to more "mature" with her comebacks however the sales won't match up to her previous albums.

2NE1 will comeback. "I'm the Best" was their prime and this comeback will definitely not live up to I'm the Best. It will be good in sales, obviously, because of their position in the industry but it won't necessarily be as addicting as "I'm the Best". There will be a concept change.

More girl groups. Only few will actually gain the title as 'relevant'.

YG's new girl group will top the charts because... hey, YG Entertainment. The song will be good by exception, I guess, nothing to brag about... and the group will be just another girl group.

EXO's leaked song Wolf most likely won't be the title song or at least will be a better sounding version for their comeback. Their title song will be something average.

SISTAR has been climbing to the top recently but something will happen for them to sink to the bottom once more. It seems like SISTAR is more of a group that relies on other versatile factors rather than actually themselves.

SHINee will continue to rise in SM's eyes, possibly with one more song this year. Their next song will be great, like Dream Girl was, however the album will be better than Dream Girl's album.

F(x) may or may not follow SHINee's footsteps. Most probably not.

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