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Alleged Trainee A. Lee Ye Ji of Core Contents Media

Alleged 'Trainee B'. Ulzzang Jun Da Hye

Alleged 'Mr. Kim'. Kim Hee Jun.

As shown through a recent Allkpop article, the scandal of the great actor, Park Si Hoo, was recently unraveled by not only legal representatives of Park Si Hoo but also netizens who claimed to have found the trainees involved in this whole ordeal, trainee 'A', 'B' and 'K'. 
At first, I was just letting this case play out, and waited until it was finally solved 100% before taking sides, however, after seeing the Kakaotalk conversation, I have to state my views on this topic. 
I'm torn between the negatives of the two sides. On trainee A's side, I'm almost positive now of who to believe--Park Si Hoo. This sex wasn't a complete mistake. As stated here,
"well of course we were both naked ㅠㅠ Don’t act like you don’t know ㅜ sigh I still can’t sober up [4:49 AM]" cr. allkpop

Trainee 'A', though drunk, had to have known that she was going to be participating in some kind of sexual activity within the night of February 14th. Not only that, from the context of that conversation, it seems like through this conversation, trainee 'A' had some sort of relationship with Mr. Kim and with my analysis  I could only break it down to two possible options to what was going through her mind during that time period.
One, she was mad because there was sex from Park Si Hoo on that night but not with Mr. Kim. And after that, she realized what she had done and tried to use whole happening against the actor, Park Si Hoo. Or two, She did it when Park Si Hoo and again, she began to realize what she had done but, to me, it's almost like she wants something from Park Si Hoo being that he's a well-established man in the industry and she had sex with him... my guesses for what she wanted are:
Revenge for not being able to "protect" Mr.Kim and their relationship because of course, she slipped up.
Child support because she claimed she might have been preggers after just one day of having sex

Either way, in my eyes I don't see that this sexual encounter had been something completely unintended by trainee 'A'. In honesty, it seems more like what I said IU did in her recent scandal.

 Now, I'm not siding with Park Si Hoo.
It seemed like Park Si Hoo was in the least somewhat aware that this female was intoxicated, even though he was apparently intoxicated at the same time, however, still took advantage of her drunkenness. And whether or not Mr. Kim was his 'hoobae', he should've known better than to give in so quickly to that sexual offer especially being the fact that he's a very well-known star who when this scandal first arose, even persons who weren't his die-hard fans were astonished and began denying that he could even do such a thing. He should have known that things like these would bite him back in the butt eventually but he still let himself take the risk and I really cannot feel at the least bit sorry for him.

To conclude, my views are that both sides are guilty of something. Trainee A was at fault for even starting this ordeal and Park Si Hoo is at fault for using his penis as a brain for not thinking before acting. To be optimistic, I would hope that at least one person would walk off from this scandal unscathed however, realistically, I'm pretty sure no one will. 

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