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Welcome to yet another glorious week of my segment, Flash to the Past, where I give a (somewhat) decent description of the history of K-Pop and the making of the still ongoing K-Pop, including hot tracks for you to listen to, the greatest and most impactful groups of all K-Pop time and videos that I'm pretty sure, you all will like. If you didn't catch my previous Flash to the Past which was the Beginning of K-Pop, you can check it out right here

Today's Lesson: The Big 3 Back Then

The years 1994 through 1999 went by gloriously, Kpop artists becoming more experienced with heavy metal, midi music, R&B and so on and so forth. Of course, though year 1992 marked the beginning of kpop where more and more noonars and hyungs  became aware of these groups and started to grow feelings towards them, the time K-Pop hit huge was back in 1995 when Lee Soo Man came into the picture and created the company we otherwise know as SM Entertainment.

"Ayo, stop! Let me put it down another way!":

SME was formed in 1995, training willing hopefuls and producing epic groups but it wasn't until arguably around 1996 to 1999-ish till K-Pop exploded. Debuting their first ever group, H.O.T., back in 1996, SM basically invented a new method of producing music and adding flavor, a new style of K-Pop being a somewhat mixture of R&B, Metal, Rock, Electro and Midi music. H.O.T was undeniably a big hit back in the day, making SM Entertainment noticed in the Korean entertainment world and being named as one of the legends in K-Pop, debuted with their first album "We Hate All Kinds of Violence" however, stirring controversy with plagiarism issues therefore releasing a single "Candy" and gaining popularity from that.

YG Entertainment later followed and the previous Seo Taiji and Boys maknae, Yang Hyun Suk, sat on throne as CEO. 1TYM was their first boy group to debut in November 1998, and with their four members Jin Hwan, Hong Jun, Baekkyoung and Taebin, they slayed charts and stole the hearts of fans with their song "One Time for Your Mind". 

Lastly, JYP Entertainment took their share of the first generation idol pie and debuted G.O.D. back in 1999, their songs famous for the messages inside them. Even until today, this legend is still considered an inspiration to many of today's idols and their songs still move the hearts of numerous people throughout the world, their debut song entitled "To Mother".

H.O.T. - Kangta

1TYM - Danny

G.O.D. - Kye Sang

Additional Info:
The year 1999 was the final year of the debuts of guy groups from the Big 3 and the last year of the explosion of K-Pop, SM Entertainment leading the way and other companies, such as JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, DSP Media (with Sech Kies) following. Though the 20th century's K-Pop isn't very well remembered from new K-Pop fans, there is still much rememberance from the older fans of the the creation of K-Pop.

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