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PSY, the first and only South Korean artist to ever break into American markets released his American comeback song entitled "Gentleman" on April 12th in 119 countries. If you aren't among the millions of people who already went on YouTube to listen to the song, here's the audio link below:

After listening to this song without the video to accompany, I can't help but sigh.

1. This song without the video is not as good as hit previous hit Gangnam Style... maybe because the music video wasn't released yet? 

2. What the hell is "Mother Father Gentleman"

3. When PSY actually comes back with his video tomorrow, there's no telling what kind of reaction he will receive from the world... by the looks of the YouTube dislike bar on the numerous audio-only clips of Gentleman, it looks like a large part of the world isn't receiving it that well. However, by entering iTunes' Top 100 in 38 countries, there still might be some hope.

4. The "Wet PSYYYYYY" part made me cringe. Please, I hope you release a good video to make up for this part.

5. It's almost as if PSY is trying to create a Gangnam Style 2.0... his mind focusing more on being more than just a one hit wonder and releasing a song that, as a South Korean, would think us nasty, dirty and ratchet Westerners would like, rather than actually thinking about what really matters: the song quality and impact.

6. No, PSY. Us Westerners don't like those "mainstream" songs cause we're all hipsters at heart. We likes songs that are original... and Gangnam Style fit that description. Gentleman, on the other hand? Not so much. Though the track was an original composition, I felt like this song wasn't that fresh.

7. I'm still wondering what the hell is a "Mother Father Gentleman".

Though, I can go on for hours about the negatives of this song, I have to say that I actually did like it... but I'm not sure if the song itself will meet the expectations that PSY and YG Entertainment were planning for it to meet unless accompanied by a kick ass music video.  Furthermore, this song, to me, is a song that could probably lose its sheen within a few weeks, however your thoughts could be a whole different story. So what do you think of the song? Liked it, Hated it? Say your comments below!

*Edit: Check out the review of the full song here!

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  1. Watch the Mv that comes with and you'll understand the song

  2. Didn't know that. Thanks for the information!

  3. "mother father" is like a clean version of mother f***er, which is considered fun to say in Korea.


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