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2NE1_Lee_HiWelcome to K-Pop Ranter's newest feature, Weekly Wrap-Up, where we quickly summarize the week's events with images, miniature rants, and videos. This week, 4/7/13 - 4/13/13 seemed to be basically a week of nothing but selcas, more T-ara hatred and anticipation of Akdong Musician's biggest career choice to this date. However, with this week's recalling of events, maybe you'll remember a thing or two of important additions to K-Pop.


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What everyone's talking about:

T-ara trying to retrieve top-tier (Aliiteration... No? No.)


After their 7 month hiatus, CCM is trying to savage T-ara's popularity
(which went down enormously after the bullying scandal) with a new
sub-unit called 'T-ara N4'. After revealing T-ara's Jiyeon's teaser photos,

Akdong Musician has to decide which company: YG, SM, JYP... why not none?


If you don't know who Akdong Musician is by now, you have 
probably been living under a rock. The kick-ass sibling duo have committed
crimes of stealing the hearts of numerous watchers of Season 2 of
K-Pop Star and are now in the midst of deciding which company
they should choose. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment or JYP

SHINee's Jonghyun went under the knife... because of a car accident.


On April 1st, SM Entertainment revealed “Jonghyun ran into the guard rails on Dongho Bridge... Jonghyun didn’t suffer major injuries, but he got hurt around his nose so he’s currently receiving treatment in the emergency room at a hospital in Gangnam."
To sum it up, SHINee's Jonghyun broke his nose and to fix it, got 
a nose job. He's recovering from the surgery as we speak.



Song(s) of the Week:

15& - Somebody

With a marvelous debut back in 2012, 15& is back with
their chart-topping song, Somebody. This jazzy new single is 
simply addicting and the music video is definitely
worth the watch. Check out our review of the single here.

Jay Park- JOAH

The Tiffany-biased Jay Park released his new single, JOAH,
on April 9th, 2013. Topping music charts simply on the first
day, I have to say, I am actually really impressed with the come-
back. Jay Park is amazing and will never fail to leave me
at awe. 

Other Songs:

PSY - Gentleman


The long anticipated comeback is nearly over, PSY's 
Gentleman song finally booming around the internet for
the world to see. Check out the review about it here!

BtoB - Second Confession
Ga In, Hyunwoo - Brunch
M.I.B - Nod to Me
Baek Ah Yeon - Introduction to Love OST
Seo In Guk - With Laughter or With Tears
Zion.T - Babay ft. Gecko
G.Na ft. Huh Gak - Mind Sync
SHINee's Jonghyun - The Great King's Dream OST
Nameless ft. Song Ha Yae - You Told Me to be Happy
LYN ft Baechigi - Tonight
NOTICE - Dangerous
SALT'N PAPER ft. Tablo - Love Strong
40 ft. Haeryung - Sing the Spring
PURE - I Still Love You




Girls' Generation Jessica and F(x) Krystal Baby Pictures... Awwww


4 Minute's Gayoon Fapalicious in 'OhBeauty' magazine


2NE1's Dara and PSY fused together


Video of the Week:

Girls' Generation's Jessica cannot throw correctly

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