Posted by : KPopRanter May 27, 2013

After flying all the way to America in hopes of American advancement, on May 26th, the T-ara subunit, T-ara N4, took on a gig at a pool party concert at the Palms Memorial Day weekend event. Check out an uploaded video of T-ara's performance.

This is possibly one of the most awkward things I have seen for K-Pop idol American advancement next to Girls' Generation "partying" in a New York club. It's almost like you can just feel the 'irrelevant' and 'no one curr about them' radiating from the video, especially from the reported being cut off by the DJ and the lack of attention from the audience throughout.
I really feel like the T-ara girls deserve much better than this shitty and wasteful gig and I wish their company, Core Contents Media, instead of trying to advance in America through these stupid tactics that obviously aren't working, should start somewhere less embarrassing... maybe like improving their English.

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