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In November of 2012, IU and Super Junior's Eunhyuk wrapped themselves up in a controversy that they have been trying to make the public forget about for the past few months. However, today, IU's entertainment company, LOEN Entertainment, announced they will be taking legal action simply on childish rumors of the two getting married, just adding a bit more salt to the wound with just that. As translated by allkpop, LOEN's proposed that they will reporting this rumor to the police and take legal action against the person who first spread the rumors as well as the people who spread the rumors actively. Not only that, [LOEN] will also be taking police action against those who continuously post hate comments against IU, and will be taking legal action against the defamation of character happening on the Internet. [They] are going to take strong action against the action that creates and spreads rumors that cross the line. 

Almost immediately, I noticed two outstanding details about this whole ordeal. 

The first detail pertaining to the actual statement. When hearing that they were taking action over a rumor, I kind of just inwardly chuckled to myself, thinking, "Hmm... they're taking legal action towards this obviously unbelievable rumor because it's false, however, when everyone thought IU and Eunhyuk were having sex, they even think about taking legal action... maybe because that was true?", me, just refilling my popcorn, enjoying the show.

The second detail I noticed were the responses of the Super Junior members Siwon and Kangin on Twitter towards the rumor. Yeah, maybe I'm a bit sensitive because I am a female but what really got to me was when Siwon tweeted "Congratulations" to Eunhyuk after seeing the rumor as a joke and Kangin replied nonchalantly with "Is it April Fools' Day?".
 I mean, what the hell? Is there that little respect for the female side of the controversy, IU, that there needs to be thoughtless and completely uncalled-for tweets by these two Super Junior members? Really, guys? I mean, sure, while Eunhyuk's fangirls simply can say "Oppar didn't mean it" and go on with their lives, IU's career is basically in the dust and all they do is joke about it.
And as seen on netizenbuzz, I'm not the only loon thinking what Siwon and Kangin did was wrong.

[+2,353, -137] It's a serious matter for IU to be taking legal action while Super Junior is sitting around joking about it 
[+40, -28] I imagine those tweets would piss off IU fans... Why don't they consider how the female's side would feel?
[+27, -7] I'm a girl and I feel bad for IU. For the men, it's something to laugh over and talk about 'coolly' but it's always the woman that gets all the hate. It also disgusts me that it was the men that created this whole fantasy over IU's imagine to begin with, too.

All-in-all, though LOEN taking action against these rumors is somewhat stupid and arguably one of the most random actions I have seen in the year, I think the two Super Junior members, Siwon and Kangin, definitely need to realize that a girl's career which was ruined with a simple click (or two clicks) of a button on Twitter isn't something to joke about.
What do you think about the rumors? Think LOEN is being reasonable? What about Siwon and Kangin? Voice your opinions below!

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